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How to throw an engagement party on a budget

An engagement party is a fantastic way to celebrate your relationship and commitment to one another. You can share your proposal story, show off the ring and spend some time with friends and family. Your loved ones will likely have a hundred questions for you – from the wedding dress to your honeymoon destination. You can answer these questions at the engagement party and settle any burning questions for the time being. 

The engagement ring may look amazing, but it probably took up a large portion of your savings. You might need to tighten your belt for the time being so you can save money for the big day. 

 Here are a few ways to save money on your engagement party.

Keep the guest list intimate 

You don’t have to invite all of your friends and family to the engagement party. Most of them will be working or busy with Christmas celebrations. Try to keep the party small and intimate so you can spend quality time with each guest. A smaller guest list will also help you to save money by reducing the amount of food, drink, and seating you need to arrange.

Keeping the guest list small can seem hard, so make it easier by including information on limited plus ones on your invites and sticking to your close friend list to make sure you’re not just inviting people out of guilt. Save extra space for special guests such as long-distance friends who may be able to make it or a dear family member you haven’t seen in a long time.

Host at home

A smaller guest list does not require a huge venue. You can host the party at home and avoid the stress of finding yet another venue. Have your party at home and enjoy decorating the garden with all kinds of embellishments.  

This cuts out not only the expense of a venue but also the cost of transport there and back and any sneaky extra costs they may add on such as table or staff hire. There’s an added sense of intimacy at home, as this is somewhere the couple feels safe and comfortable and will have memories that can be shared throughout the party. 

Have a BYOB or potluck

Food and booze tend to take up a significant amount of the budget. People are often sensitive to engaged couples being cautious of money with a big wedding on the horizon. Ask people to bring their own drinks and desired snacks. You minimize food waste and avoid overbuying items that people won’t eat. 

Send virtual invites and thank you

The wedding industry is skyrocketing at the moment. Save your pennies and send virtual invites instead. Craft a fun email with all the essential details included and use free graphic design software to make it look pretty. Virtual invites can still be personalized; you just need to get creative. 

Make sure to ask and remind all guests to RSVP so you can ensure you have the exact number of people coming, and can sort out any problems well ahead of time. Send thank-you notes the week after the event to let everyone know you appreciated their presence and to help reunite any lost items that may have been forgotten at the end of the night.

Your wedding should be everything you dreamed of and more. However, the budget can be a tricky one, and wedding essentials are often expensive. Embrace your inner DIYer and design the table decorations, and wedding favors, and invites yourself. Get stuck into the wedding process and make each stage as fun as possible. Wedding planning doesn’t need to be super stressful and pricey.

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