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8 Things That Are Taking Up Too Much Space In Your Home

When decorating our house, we can often go overboard. We buy furniture and decor that may not complement the size of our home. Consequently, what starts as a decision to make your house look beautiful only brings too much clutter to your space. In such cases, put your belongings under a microscope and decide how to tackle all the junk. You may either sell what you have or put it away in storage. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of items you have, we are here to help. We will walk you through different things that are probably taking too much space in your humble abode and tell you what you can do with them. All you need is little courage and dedication to get rid of all the clutter you have at home. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Items related to abandoned hobbies

Inspiration can strike us at any time. You may feel inspired to start singing or taking up guitar lessons. The motivation you have may last you a few days before you drop all these hobbies. Some hobbies include painting, music, and even skateboarding. You need to think if you’ll ever return to picking these hobbies again in all these cases. If you have musical instruments, consider selling them to make a pretty penny. Depending on their condition, you can utilize numerous online platforms to get a reasonable price on your items. You’ll free up so much space in your house and free nooks and crannies from clutter.

2. Seasonal clothes

Clothes take up too much space. You can’t keep stuffing them in your closet or put them in your dresser. If you have tons of seasonal clothes at home but very little space to stash them, you need to find a solution to storing them properly. Self-storage rentals are excellent for keeping away seasonal goods. You can look up a facility online. For example, if you live in Denton County, Texas, Google ‘ self-storage union station‘ and rent out a space as per your needs. Repeat the same for any city you live in. Coats and jackets made for winter are not flexible enough to be folded. Therefore, store them neatly in your closet while putting the off-season gear elsewhere. Sell anything you no longer wear.

3. Magazines

Some people enjoy going through magazines and then purchasing them for leisure reading. Unfortunately, buying too many magazines can cause your house to get cluttered. You may have piles of magazines lying around your home. Shifting magazines around your house will only make it look messier. Consider subscribing to your favorite services online. It’s not only eco-friendly but keeps your house free from clutter. Don’t assume that piles of magazines will never get out of hand. If you’ve been collecting magazines for a long, you have your day’s work cut out for you. Consider selling or recycling magazines. It doesn’t matter when you start collecting magazines. The point is they need to go. 

4. Grand furniture

Not every piece of furniture is sleek or modern. Some furniture items come in giant sets. These sets may not be suitable for your house. It would help if you considered selling them ahead and getting furniture more ideal for your space. Having more oversized furniture will make no sense if you live in a bachelor’s pad. You’ll have no room to move, and you’ll make what little space you have congested. If your house is slightly bigger such as a two-story house, gauge how much furniture you need. Try switching your style to a more functional and minimalistic one. You’ll open up space and even find it easier to clean.

5. Photo albums 

Photo albums are priceless, and you may not be comfortable getting rid of them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t organize them. Vintage photographs you have should get digitized so that when someone asks you for a picture, you have them on your phone. If you have one image taken several times, you may want to get rid of copies. Keep one of every photo by giving extra copies ahead to your sibling or a family member. Don’t put pictures in your garage or your bedroom. It would help if you had an adequately designated spot for them. Consider buying appropriate organizers and shifting your photos to storage. You can label them and put them aside into your repository. 

6. Appliances 

If you have too many appliances, they will take up space in your kitchen. Devices include food processors, blenders, choppers, and even coffee machines. You need to go through all of these machines and decide what you need. Most of these appliances are bulky. So you can’t squeeze them into your cabinets. If there are too many appliances on your counter, it will look like a mess. It would help if you found ways to deal with clutter on your countertops. Consider getting multi-functional devices. These can be nine-in-one machines that allow you to do numerous tasks. So instead of you spending money on multiple appliances, stick with one. You’ll free up space on your counter and even organize your devices by detaching and storing them away. 

7. Too many utensils

Cooking pots, bakeware, and even plates can quickly take up excess space in your kitchen. You don’t need to have too many utensils. If you’re used to hosting elaborate meals, take note of items you use and hold on to them. Cooking ware that hasn’t been used in a while can go into storage. If you have utensils you don’t use, consider donating them. Keep items you use. If you’re a small family, you should have enough for your family. If you live alone, have enough for yourself and your friends. Some cookware lets you cook multiple dishes in one go. You can use them for different purposes. If you keep stocking on cookware, you may have a considerable collection sitting in your storage. 

8. Cleaning products 

We all like our house to be nice and clean, but that doesn’t mean we go overboard with cleaning products. It would help if you were mindful of the chemicals you bring home. Some chemicals don’t mix properly and can be a health hazard for you. Get into the habit of buying when you entirely run out. Stick to a limited stock of cleaning products, and no, you don’t need all kinds of cleaning tools at home. You will end up with a mountain of clutter inside your cabinets and in your drawers. You may not even use all of them, and they can expire over time. If you’re guilty of hoarding cleaning products, clean your space today.

Wrap up

Your house is your sanctuary so treat it like one. It would help if you got into the habit of getting rid of products you don’t need. If you don’t, you’ll end up collecting and hoarding items that only take up space. No one likes a packed house. The area is too small, and it’s hard work to get anything done. Start by figuring out what items you have at home that you no longer use or need. If they’re in usable condition, look for places or online websites where you can donate them. Or rent extra storage space to keep them safe. Get into the habit of decluttering your house.


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