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As an electric vehicle owner, keeping your car charged is essential. While charging at home overnight is convenient, for longer drives, the Tesla Supercharger network provides fast charging to quickly replenish your battery on the go. With over 12,000 Superchargers worldwide, locating one near your destination is key to avoiding range anxiety.

Fortunately, finding a Supercharger is easy by using the energy map on your vehicle’s touchscreen. You can filter by amenities like restrooms, food, and Wi-Fi at the locations. Once you select a Supercharger, your navigation will direct you to the site and stall numbers for available chargers. Most sites offer between six and 40 or more stalls, so there are ample charging opportunities even during peak travel times.

The Supercharger network is continually expanding to open up more destinations. Check the Tesla website and mobile app regularly for new Supercharger locations coming online near you. Keeping your EV charged for any adventure is essential. With Superchargers strategically located along well-traveled routes and in convenient locations, you’ll never be far from power for your next drive. Charge on!

Locate Tesla Superchargers Near Me Using the Tesla App

To locate Tesla Superchargers near you, simply use the built-in Tesla App on your mobile device. The app provides an interactive map that shows all operational Supercharger stations and the number of available stalls at each location.

Filter by Supercharger Type

Within the app, you can filter Supercharger locations by the type of charger. The three options are:

  • Supercharger V3 – The latest technology which can provide up to 250 kW charging and add up to 75 miles of range in 5 minutes.
  • Supercharger V2 – Provides up to 150 kW charging. A most common type of Supercharger.
  • Destination Charger – Provides slower charging, mainly used by hotels, restaurants, etc. for their guests. Typically charges at 11 kW.

Check Real-Time Availability

The map in the Tesla App shows how many Supercharger stalls are currently available at each station. This real-time data is updated as vehicles plugin and finish charging to help ensure you can find an open Supercharger when needed. The number of stalls displayed factors in any current usage as well as any stalls that may be non-operational.

Start Navigation

Once you locate your preferred Supercharger station, simply tap the marker on the map to start turn-by-turn navigation in your Tesla vehicle. Your car will automatically preheat the battery to ensure maximum charging rates upon arrival at the Supercharger location. Enjoy a quick break while your Tesla recharges for the road ahead!

Third-Party Supercharger Maps and Apps

To locate Tesla Superchargers near you, the best resource is Tesla’s official Supercharger locator map. However, there are several helpful third-party mapping tools and mobile apps you can utilize.


Electrly operates one of the world’s largest EV charging networks. Their mobile app includes a built-in map to locate nearby Tesla Superchargers. You can see how many stalls are at each site, current pricing information, and get turn-by-turn directions. The Electrly app syncs with many EVs to provide charging data and statistics. It is available for download on iOS and Android devices.


PlugShare is a popular app used by EV owners to find charging stations. They have an extensive network of over 600,000 charging points around the world, including Tesla Superchargers. You can filter by connector type to only show Tesla stations. The app provides details like the number of chargers at each site, current availability, reviews from other drivers, and amenities nearby like restaurants or shopping. PlugShare is available on iOS and Android.


EVgo specializes in providing fast charging for EVs across the U.S. Their charging map incorporates Tesla Supercharger locations, with details on the number of stalls, current prices and amenities. You can start and stop a charging session directly from the EVgo app. They offer a monthly subscription plan for unlimited fast charging at EVgo and partner networks which include Tesla. The EVgo app is available for iOS and Android.

Using one of these third-party Supercharger maps and apps, locating an available Tesla fast charging station nearby should be quick and convenient. Be sure to also check Tesla’s official Supercharger map on their website or in your vehicle’s touchscreen for the latest information on new stations coming online. The EV charging infrastructure is growing rapidly, so new options may become available at any time.

Call Your Local Tesla Dealership or Service Center

To locate the nearest Tesla Supercharger station to your location, contacting your local Tesla dealership or service center is recommended. Tesla employees have the most up-to-date information on existing Supercharger sites as well as any new locations that may be coming soon.

Call Your Local Tesla Dealership

Calling your nearest Tesla dealership or service center is the best way to get accurate information on Supercharger stations in your area. Provide the dealership with your current location and destination, and they can provide details on the closest Supercharger along your route as well as any alternatives should that station be temporarily unavailable. The dealership staff can also give you the exact address and hours of operation for the recommended Supercharger site(s).

Check the Tesla Website

Tesla maintains an interactive map on their website showing all active Supercharger locations. You can enter your current location or destination into the search bar for a list of the 10 closest Supercharging stations. The map provides the station address, number of chargers, and types of chargers (urban Superchargers for city charging versus standard Superchargers ideal for quick charging during long distance travel). However, new Supercharger sites may not yet be displayed on the public map.

Consider Calling Roadside Support

If you are already driving your Tesla and in need of an immediate charge, Tesla’s dedicated roadside support line can help locate the closest Supercharger to your vehicle’s current location. Provide your exact location details to the support representative who can determine the nearest Supercharger site that has available charging stalls and guide you directly to that station. As an EV charger manufacturer, Electrly aims to provide similar support services and an expansive, up-to-date database on charging locations to assist all EV drivers on the road.

Supercharger stations are strategically placed along well-traveled highways and in urban areas to provide maximum coverage and convenience for Tesla owners. By contacting local resources for information, you can confidently navigate to the nearest Supercharger and continue enjoying your electric vehicle. As the leading producer of EV charging solutions, Electrly is working to build a seamless network of fast chargers across the globe.

Road Trip Planning Resources

When planning a road trip in your Tesla, mapping out Supercharger locations along your route is key. Tesla provides useful tools to help ensure you have ample charging for your journey.

Tesla Supercharger Map

The Supercharger map on Tesla’s website shows the location of all Superchargers, even those still under construction. You can filter by availability, number of stalls, amenities, and compatible vehicle types. View details like the number of chargers, maximum power available, and hours of operation. The map allows you to plan the most efficient route to your destination based on current Supercharger locations.

Tesla In-Car Navigation

Tesla’s in-car navigation system accounts for your vehicle’s range and necessary charging stops. Enter your destination and the system will map out a route, automatically adding suggested Supercharger stops along the way based on your current range and charging needs. The navigation will alert you when it’s time to charge and provide directions to the nearest Supercharger location.

Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps like PlugShare, ChargeHub, and Electrly integrate with Tesla’s network to provide additional features for planning longer trips in your Tesla. These apps show amenities at each Supercharger stop like restrooms, restaurants, shopping, and Wi-Fi. Some allow you to check Supercharger availability and stall occupancy in real-time. They provide alternative charging options as well, should any Superchargers be temporarily unavailable.

With some advanced planning using these helpful resources, you can feel confident embarking on an extended road trip in your Tesla. Be sure to also consider your vehicle’s range, charging needs, and any seasonal factors like cold weather that may impact your range before hitting the open road. Safe and happy travels!


As technology and infrastructure continue to progress, finding a nearby Tesla Supercharging station is becoming increasingly convenient and accessible. By using the tools and resources provided on the Tesla website and mobile app, you can locate stations along your route, check availability and pricing, and seamlessly charge your vehicle when needed. With the expanding Tesla charging network, more powerful V3 Superchargers being deployed, and third-party charging options also available as backups, range anxiety is quickly becoming a thing of the past for Tesla owners. The future of electric vehicle travel is bright.

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