Everything You Should Know About Car Insurance for a 19-year-old New Driver:

The expansive rates of car insurance for 19-year-old new drivers are due to the increased risk that is related to this age group. Annually, the average 19-year-old will pay around $3319 for car insurance. The cost may be on the higher side, but it is possible to reduce these rates with the help of some strategies. 

However, as soon as you turn 20, you can expect to get a small price break of about $110 in your insurance premium. Let’s see how 19 year old car insurance rates are decided.

Factors Affecting Teen Auto Insurance Rates:-

Teen drivers are prone to accidents as compared to older drivers. This puts teens at high risk because of their rash driving. This will make insurance companies charge teens more due to the increased risk of frequent claims and accidents. However, other factors also influence the final premium price.

One of the prime reasons teens frequently pay higher rates is that they cannot take advantage of employment because they are unemployed for car insurance. Other factors include good credit, and marriage discounts, that are available to older drivers.

Age, gender, ZIP code are some of the details an insurance company will collect from the teen while deciding on car insurance for a 19-year-old new driver.

Strategies for Saving on Teen Auto Insurance:-

Paying high rates for 19-year-old auto insurance can be challenging. But there are always some tricks you can use to reduce this cost and save some money.

Here are some of the ways to reduce your auto insurance costs for 19-year-old drivers:

  • Shop for insurance every 6 to 12 months. Insurance rates are constantly changing, and you may get cheaper rates by changing insurance companies, especially if you have moved to a different area.
  • Look out for good student discounts as many car insurance companies offer this type of discount to college students who perform well in academics and get a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • When you take driving education, you are gaining knowledge about the rules and regulations of the road. If you can perform well, then you can also get discounts. After completing the drivers’ ed, you can ask your insurance company about price breaks for defensive driving courses.
  • If you can keep your driving record clean and avoid any risky behavior, it will decrease your chances of being a part of an accident. This is the best way for teens to shoot down the auto insurance rates.
  • Telematics is also one of the best options to get your insurance rate down. This system will be installed in your car, and the insurer will monitor your driving habits. Based on those stats, your insurer will offer you various discounts for safe practices, like sticking to the speed limit and leaving plenty of time to break.

Final Words

While it may be hard to avoid paying lots of money for 19-year-olds, but you will naturally see your premium price decrease as you accumulate years of driving experience and a good claims history. Try the tricks mentioned above to reduce the premium of your insurance rates.

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