Glow vs. Matte Choosing the Best Cosmetic Look for You

Do you ever find yourself standing in the beauty aisle, staring at rows of products, wondering, “Glow or matte? Which one suits me best?” The eternal debate between a radiant glow and a velvety matte finish can perplex you. This guide is here to help you navigate cosmetics so you can confidently choose the look that suits you.

What’s the Vibe You’re Going For?

Consider your style before researching products. Do you like a velvety, shine-free finish or a fresh, dewy look that catches the light? Understanding your aesthetic goals sets the tone for your cosmetic experience.

Understanding Glow

Glow, also called glowing finish, is all about light. It’s kind of like a light shine that makes your face look healthy and dewy. This style is great for people who want to bring out their best features and look more natural and young.

Look for words like “dewy,” “luminous,” or “radiant” on the packaging of products you want to buy. These products often contain light-reflecting particles that enhance your skin’s natural luminosity.

Matte Magic

On the other hand, a matte finish is classy and lasts a long time. This style has a velvety, non-shiny feel that will last all day. Matte items are great for people who want a polished, refined look without extra shine.

Look for words like “matte,” “velvet,” and “soft focus” when you’re shopping for matte makeup. The oil-absorbing ingredients in these products usually keep the shine down and leave you with a smooth, flat canvas.

Skin Type Matters

Consider your skin type when choosing between glow and matte finishes. If you have oily skin, you might find that matte products help control excess shine. Conversely, glow products can add much-needed hydration and radiance if you have dry skin.

The Coverage Game

Coverage can be different for glow and matte styles. Glow products usually have light to medium thickness, so your natural skin can show through while giving you a glow. In contrast, matte products tend to cover more, making them great for people who want to hide flaws and get a flawless complexion.

Occasion Matters

When choosing between glow and matte, think about the event. For daytime looks, glow items are great because they give you a natural glow in the sun. Matte products stay put all night, so they’re great for evening events where you want your makeup to look great without any shine.

Mix and Match

Try putting glow and matte items on top of each other to get a unique finish. For instance, you can choose a matte foundation and use a highlighter on your cheeks and browbones to give your face a little extra glow.

Setting the Look

Finish off your makeup with a setting spray. choose a hydrating setting spray that adds extra glow and locks in moisture for a dewy finish. For a matte finish, opt for a matte setting spray that helps control shine and sets your makeup in place.

Brands that Nail the Glow and Matte Game

Explore these beauty brands known for their stellar glowy and matte products:

For the Glow

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s brand is renowned for its inclusive shade range and radiant finish products, ensuring a vibrant and diverse makeup selection.

Becca Cosmetics

Celebrated for their luminous highlighters, Becca creates products that provide that coveted “lit from within” glow, adding a touch of radiance to any makeup look.

For the Matte


A drugstore favorite, Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation is highly praised for achieving a smooth, matte complexion, making it an affordable yet effective choice.

MAC Cosmetics

Known for its extensive range of matte lipsticks and foundations, MAC is a trusted go-to brand for those seeking a wide array of matte shades and high-quality formulations.

For versatility

Revlon Cosmetics

This iconic brand has been a household name in the beauty industry for decades and excels in catering to various makeup preferences. Regarding both the glow and matte game, revlon Australia emerges as a versatile beauty brand offering various products to suit diverse makeup preferences. 

The Final Glow-Up

Choosing between glow and matte is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Remember that beauty is about self-expression. Whether you lean towards the radiant glow or the sophisticated matte, let your makeup reflect your unique style and personality.

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