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Factors And Parameters To Consider For How High Should Mirror Be Above Vanity


A lot of things and tasks come your way when you are planning to install a bathroom mirror. One of the toughest things is to make sure about how high the mirror is above the vanity in your bathroom. You need to find out this thing exactly if you plan to replace your existing bathroom mirror and get a new one to fix in your bathroom vanity. For this purpose, you can get help from my homeware as well.

This read is all about the height of your bathroom mirror in your bathroom vanity and about all those factors and parameters that you must take into consideration while installing a new mirror in your bathroom.

How high should your bathroom mirror be above the vanity while installing the bathroom mirror?

In order to know and find the exact size and height for your bathroom mirror, you need to know about the size of your bathroom vanity first. Well, the good choice is to get a mirror that is almost 3 inches narrower than the top of your vanity.

The height of the mirror depends upon the size of your bathroom vanity, and the size of your bathroom vanity is directly related to the size of your bathroom.

Enlist and explain all the factors and parameters that you need to consider for how high the mirror should be above the vanity

The main and noticeable factors and parameters are essential to keep in mind if you want to know how high the mirror should be above the vanity.

Check the height of all the family members. This is a deciding factor when installing a bathroom mirror above the vanity. Make sure all your family members get easy access to this mirror.

Then you need to look for your vanity faucet and keep the height of the mirror as per this vanity faucet. If you install the mirror between 5-10 inches above the sink, it would be an ideal choice.

Well, there is another prime factor, and that is the shape and size of your bathroom mirror. The mirror’s shape will decide the mirror’s position concerning your bathroom vanity.

It is advisable to keep and fix your mirror between the lighting and the start of your bathroom vanity. This option will give uninterrupted light to your bathrooms.

You need to be extra careful with the shape of your bathroom mirror. The shape of your bathroom mirror should be respective to the shape of your bathroom or its dimensions.

The bathroom vanity or simple cabinets should be almost 35 inches from the bathroom floor to protect and secure things.

Make sure that you are installing your bathroom mirror almost right above the tallest and top point of your bathroom vanity faucet. 


The crux of this whole story is that knowing how high the mirror should be above the vanity is nothing difficult to understand and find out. my homeware has made it even easier for you by telling you that the ideal height of your bathroom mirror should be a few inches above your vanity faucet. You can visit the My Homeware site and services if you still feel confused.


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