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Easy Ways to Tackle Water Wastage In Your Home

It’s no secret that our planet is facing a number of environmental issues, such as climate change, deforestation, and water wastage. With the far-reaching consequences of these issues, often at times, it’s easy to feel completely helpless. 

However, there are certain actions we can take to help reduce our carbon footprint to make some positive difference in the matter. One of these actions is to look at ways we can reduce how much water we use. We look at some quick and easy ways to tackle water wastage in your home. 

Fix Your Leaks

Although this may seem like an obvious proposal, you’d be surprised by how many leaky taps go amiss in peoples home’s each day. Even a slightly dripping faucet can waste up to 20 gallons of water daily. That will increase your water bill and strain the environment by depleting vital freshwater supplies. CyberGhost highlights that more of you younger folk are becoming aware of your environmental impact, and luckily for you, fixing your home’s leaks is a great place to start. This is the way you can try it out at home:

  1. Turn off your water: Turn the valve under the sink to shut off the water.
  2. Remove the handle: Remove the handle of the faucet by using a screwdriver.
  3. Replace the washer with a new one: Remove the old washer from the faucet with pliers and replace it.
  4. Reassemble the faucet: Finally, reassemble the faucet by putting the handle back in the same place and turning the water supply back on. 

By fixing your leaks sooner than later, you will be doing your bit to help environmental water waste and saving yourself money in the long run. 

Take A Shorter Shower

Moreover, taking a shorter shower each day is a simple yet powerful way to tackle water waste, drastically reducing the amount of water you use over time. On average, a 15-minute shower can use up to 75 gallons of water – while a five-minute shower can use as little as 12.5 gallons.

EFCN has stated the importance of understanding how your water usage can impact your energy bill. For example, the energy used to heat the water for a shorter shower is drastically less than for a lengthy one, helping you save money on your energy bill

So, why not have fun with it? Play one of your favorite songs as a little timer so you know when your shower time is over. By doing so, you’re doing everyone, including yourself, a huge favor. 

Collect Rainwater

Water scarcity is a growing problem in many parts of the world because it is a finite resource. Therefore, collecting rainwater is a smart way to conserve water. 

By doing so, you can use it for various purposes, such as watering your plants or washing your car. That means less strain on the system and less water waste overall. For example, as Scalar reports, in areas such as North America, where dry periods of prolonged droughts are common, storing water is a clever way to maintain your garden during these dry spells. By collecting rainwater, you can reduce your reliance on municipal water supplies and do your part to help tackle water wastage in your community. 

Every Drop Counts

All in all, every drop of water adds up. Tackling water wastage is crucial to combat climate change and save lives. By taking simple steps such as fixing leaks, taking shorter showers, and collecting rainwater, you can play an integral role in conserving water to protect this precious resource for future generations.

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