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Buying a Kitchen Faucet: Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes

Has the time come for you to replace your existing kitchen sink faucet? And, are you quite excited, imagining the way your entire kitchen will look when such a change is made? You may think that it is a small change, but there is absolutely no doubt that it will have a big impact, improving the overall aesthetics. Not to mention the functionality, if that is something you’ve been struggling with.

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Chances are, though, that you are looking for something more. If you haven’t had to shop for these products many times in the past, and you probably haven’t, then you may be confused about how to go through the whole process. Whether you’re looking for a faucet for your new kitchen and your new home, or you just want to make a change since you’re tired of the old faucet in your existing home, there is one thing that nobody will be able to deny. You want to make the perfect buying decision.

That, however, may be easier to say than to do. Okay, it’s not quantum physics or anything, but we cannot ignore the difficulties of making a good choice, especially if you don’t quite have any experience with buying these products. If you just assume that this is not a big deal, you will buy in a hurry, and you will probably wind up unhappy with the choice you have made afterward.

In short, you will make a mistake. And, that is only one of the possible mistakes you can make when shopping for your kitchen sink faucet. The best scenario would be for you to make none, and thus buy the perfect product. To make none, though, you will first need to get acquainted with those common ones that other people may have made, because you can’t expect to avoid something if you don’t even know what it is.

So, what we are going to do right now is provide you with a list of those common mistakes that can be made in the process of buying a kitchen faucet. By getting familiar with them, you will be more in control of the actual shopping process, knowing what to do and what not to do when you have the goal of buying the perfect product. You will also be more careful while doing the shopping because you will understand just how easy it can be to make an error and then regret your purchasing decision due to it afterward. This guide could help you make a good choice as well.

1. Ignoring Compatibility Requirements

Did you know that not all of the faucets you will be able to find on the market will be compatible with your actual kitchen sink? No? Well, going shopping without knowing this is a sure path towards making a mistake and towards wasting your money, buying something that you won’t be able to install. To avoid this, always check the mounting configurations of your sink, and thus avoid having to make expensive modifications to be able to install the actual product.

2. Not Checking the Height and the Reach

You may be choosing your faucet simply based on the style, and I get that. We have all probably had the same ideas because we all want our kitchens to look great. In addition to looking great, though, they also have to be perfectly functional, and if you ignore the height and the reach of the faucet spout, you could easily wind up compromising functionality. So, measure your sink and consider the kitchen tasks you will be regularly performing, aiming at determining the optimal spout height and reach.

3. Not Matching the Finish to Your Overall Design

The above may have made you think that you should take aesthetics completely for granted. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. This is, therefore, another mistake that you should do your best to avoid – not matching the finish to the overall design of the kitchen. After all, you want the faucet to fit in, instead of looking like it doesn’t belong there, so be careful when choosing the finish and the style.

4. Failing to Research Multiple Shops and Brands

There are numerous stores you can buy at and multiple brands to consider. If you just randomly select a shop and a brand, you could wind up buying products that will be of poor quality. Since, however, you want to buy a perfect quality kitchen faucet, you will have the task of thoroughly researching the different shops and the different brands that can sell you those. Take your time to check the selection of products offered in various shops, as well as to determine the quality of those products, and the overall experience of the sellers.

5. Not Checking Their Reputation

One thing you should always remember to do when researching those shops is to check their reputation. After all, you don’t want to buy from companies that are ill-reputed, as that is bound to result in buying poor quality faucets that you won’t quite like in the end. So, remember to read some reviews or perhaps talk to some previous customers directly if that is an actual possibility, and determine the reputation of the sellers before making any buying decisions.

6. Sacrificing Quality for a Lower Price

You may be tempted to go for products that are offered at lower prices, and I understand that. The problem, though, can occur if you decide to sacrifice quality just so that you can get a lower price. While there is nothing wrong in checking out and comparing the prices, you should always keep quality in mind, aiming at ultimately choosing a kitchen sink faucet that will be durable and long-lasting, that will fit in with your space and that will, of course, cost a reasonable amount of money. In the end, no matter how much you will pay, though, if you get the perfect quality, it will be worth it.


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