Broken Tooth: How Long is Too Long to Leave it Untreated?

Do you shudder at the thought of hard metal tools scraping against your teeth? Is the memory of the sharp pain when you got a toothache in childhood and the molded plastic fillings in your friends’ mouths making you think twice about visiting the dentist?

It’s often hard to find the time to go to the dentist. But you shouldn’t push things. If you think you have a broken tooth, you should go to the dentist today.

How long can a broken tooth go untreated? Let’s find out.

What Are Broken Teeth

Broken teeth, also known as fractured teeth, are a result of trauma or dental decay. Teeth can break when they are exposed to sudden pressure or force, such as:

  • biting into something hard
  • sustaining a direct blow to the face
  • a car accident

A broken tooth could be caused by ongoing chewing or grinding causes. When decay or cavities are severe, the teeth can become weak and vulnerable to breaking if force is applied. 

How Long Can a Broken Tooth Go Untreated?

A tooth infection can go untreated for a very long time depending on the extent and location of the break. Ignoring broken teeth for too long can lead to more serious issues such as pain, infection, and even tooth decay. Unless the break is minor, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid a build-up of bacteria within the dead tooth, which can lead to an abscess.

If left untreated an abscess can spread to other teeth, causing further damage and the need for root canal therapy. If the break is near the gum line, the nerve may be affected, which can cause long-term pain if left untreated. 

Identifying Symptoms of a Broken Tooth

One of the main symptoms of a broken tooth is pain, which can range from mild to severe. Tooth sensitivity is also a common symptom that may arise when a tooth breaks. It is possible to experience discomfort even when eating and drinking, as certain substances are more likely to trigger the sensitive area.

Other symptoms might include tooth discoloration, tenderness in the tooth and surrounding area as well as tooth chips and crack lines. Bleeding gums can also occur if the broken tooth causes an infection in the gums. 

Treatment Options for a Broken Tooth

Dental holding is a cycle where a tooth-hued compound gum material is applied to the messed-up region to cover the chip. Inlay/Onlay is the placement of fillings that can be gold or porcelain and also serves to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Crowns are typically suggested for highly damaged teeth and they give extra strength and protection back to the tooth.

Dental Bridges are a practical and cost-effective solution if you’re missing one or more teeth. A dental implant is a procedure where a titanium metal post is inserted into the jawbone. This artificial structure supports a replacement tooth or denture. Consult with your local cosmetic dentistry today and keep your smile looking its best.

Taking Action: Understanding the Urgency of Restoring a Broken Tooth

A broken tooth should not be left untreated for too long or it can cause further damage and even lead to infection. It’s important to get help from your dentist as soon as possible to restore the health of your teeth and avoid more serious issues. Book an appointment with a dentist right away to ensure how long can a broken tooth go untreated to be taken care of!

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