Anonymous Content: No Fear Anymore!

When you were a kid, you always dreamed of being invisible. You always wished you had the vanishing powder that Jerry the mouse had in the popular Tom and Jerry cartoon series. Perhaps, even today, every time you watch that episode, those wishes come back to your mind. Well, no doubt you are right! We all wish to be invisible to do what we want without anyone knowing who we are. Jerry’s powder may not be available in real life, but many websites on the Internet allow you to post what you want without revealing your real name! The Doe is one of those sites.

When you post anonymously, you will have more freedom to express what you think about any topic. You will write comfortably and safely without being afraid of harsh criticism, in case you publish a text that readers do not like. Often you will write in a high tone too.

Your writings will be more credible and open. Do not be surprised if writing helped you identify hidden aspects of your personality! You will undoubtedly be more impartial when trying to evaluate your writing. All of this will have a positive impact on what you might post.

Many people resort to anonymous posting to reveal some crimes or illegal operations in their country, for fear of being imprisoned. Some countries do not respect freedom of expression and consider any opinion contrary to the opinion of the ruler to be unacceptable.

Thus, it becomes clear to us that anonymous publication enhances democracy in the world. That is why many countries protect the right to publish without revealing their true identity.

Anonymous publishing makes dialogue possible. When the writer raises a controversial topic, society will be divided into two parts, one in favour and the other in opposition. Thus, a positive dynamism is generated. 

People like to get into discussions to express their opinions, but at the same time, they are afraid of hearing negative comments. So anonymous posting is the best solution for those people. 

Also, when people negotiate anonymously, they feel equal. Gender, nationality, and other criteria will not have any effect on how others view them.

For example, an Argentine citizen can conduct an opinion poll, anonymously, in which he or she claims to be an American to see how Americans view the people of other countries! 

To promote secure, anonymous posting, some companies have developed Internet technologies to help people publish what they want without fear. For example, there is the Tor browser that does not show the user’s IP address. Some VPN applications help you change your geographical location by default. You can then post from your country, but it will appear to others that you are posting from another country! 

Some of these mobile applications faced some repressive practices in dictatorial countries, but new methods are always found for dissemination via the Internet.

There are many websites, including TheDoe, that will allow you to publish anonymously without any obstacles.

It is time to post what you want now without fear or hesitation!

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