A Warehouse Owner’s Guide to the Different Types of Warehouse Racking

The ‘new normal’ has arrived, and it’s looking good for the warehousing industry, with a CAGR of 10% predicted for this industry over the next few years.

Don’t get left behind, prepare for the onslaught by upgrading your warehouse racking solutions to keep pace with the rush. Continue to peruse to find the assortment of distribution centre racking choices accessible for your business these days.

Types of Warehousing Racking Systems

There are two main types of racking, i.e. low density and high density. Low-thickness frameworks take into consideration more prominent selectivity, while high-thickness ones store more, however, are somewhat more muddled to utilize.

Selective pallet racking and double-reach racking are low-density systems, while all the others cater to high-density storage.

Selective Pallet Racking

This is the most versatile and widely-used type of racking system used in manufacturing, general warehousing, and low-turnover retail storage.

It allows easy access to every load and works well with any type of forklift.

Double Reach or Double Deep Racking

This type of racking system comprises two rows of selective racking. It’s an inexpensive way to increase storage density without investing in a specialized system.

Back Racking or Push-Back Racking

This type of racking involves pallets set on rows of carts, up to five deep. When you remove the front pallet, the one behind slides forward to take its place.

Forklifts retrieve goods from a single aisle at the lower end of the racks, which allows for smooth operations and faster picking times. These systems work well in the retail and food industries, as well as general warehousing.

Pallet Flow Warehouse Racking

Pallet flow racks, also called gravity flow racks, work on a similar principle to push-back racking. The system operates on a first-in, first-out system with sloped racks.

Forklift operators add new pallets on the higher end and remove them on the lower side. This type of storage can double the capacity of your warehouse and works well for perishable consumer goods.

Drive-In or Drive-Thru Racks

You need fewer aisles when you implement these types of racks in your warehouse. They are the highest density storage solution available.

The racks can go six or more pallets deep, and forklifts can drive directly into them when loading or offloading goods.

Drive-in racks have a single entry and exit point, while drive-thru racks have a separate entry and exit.

These types of racks suit large volume storage of similar products as well as high-turnover retail items

Roll Formed Cantilever Racking Systems

Cantilever warehouse racks have no aisle uprights to hamper the use of horizontal space. According to warehousing experts,, this can help maximize efficiency in your warehouse.

They’re designed for long, bulky items like pipes, lumber, or rolls of carpet, and require wide aisles or specialized warehouse equipment like customized lift trucks.

Are You Ready for More?

Now that you’re up to speed with the latest in warehouse racking solutions, you’re all set to face the phenomenal growth headed your way.

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