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7 Types Of Cubby House Ideas For Your Child To Enjoy Role Play

Among all the other play items that you can offer your kid, cubby houses always stand number one. It not only helps your child to discover their own self but also widens their imagination. Cubby houses are great even at parties where your kids can play together and act in different roles. Let’s now take a look at the different types of cubby houses from which you can choose. You can get varieties of cubby houses; from them, you can decide what to bring home. Let’s now get into our topic.

1. Teddy Cubby House

Teddy Cubby houses are just like real homes because they look superior and beautiful. Teddy Cubby House is a wooden cubby house that comes with beautiful windows. The teddy Cubby House is made of timber. This 1.4m talk cubby house is quite spacious and fit for your kids to play freely. It comes with a cute small letter box and beautiful fencing and flower planters as well. The snack bench makes it perfect for your kids to enjoy this cubby house full-fledged. For this, you could easily choose the cubby houses online and get the one that suits your taste and budget too! 

2. Star play Unicorn Magical House

Is your kid a big-time unicorn fan? Does she/he love unicorns? Then this star plays Unicorn Magical House is a great choice for your kid. This particular cubby house is best for both outdoor and indoor purposes as this is lightweight, so you can move this around freely. The pastel color combination of pink and purple is to die for. This playhouse is great for any fairytale role play, and your child is going to love it for real. This is made from high-tech plastic, which is also recyclable and toxin-free. Which definitely ensures safety for your kids.

3. Village House Playhouse

This is a unique cubby house type that your kid and his/her friends will definitely enjoy. The village playhouse looks and feels beautiful, and you can easily build this up. This cubby house is fit for both indoor and outdoor which makes it more fun for your kids. Its safe-grade plastic build makes it lightweight, so you can move this around easily. Great for a village or old-school roleplay, and watch your kids act accordingly. The house comes in bright colors, which also makes it look attractive.

4. Backyard Discovery Echo Heights

This looks exactly like those adventurous old-school playhouses that we used to watch earlier in cartoons. This cubby house is great outdoors, and as the name suggests, it’s also good for outdoors. This cubby house comes with stairs and is spacious enough to allow your kids to play freely. The appliances inside this house are battery-powered and come with a cute stove top. Great for wide imaginative role play, which allows your kids to discover and hunt around. The wave slide is more fun and allows them to play there for hours.

5. Archie Cubby House

Archie Cubby House is another house that is fit for the backyards. The beautiful green wave slide is fun, and the cubby house looks pretty. From wooden built to a white painted wooden fence, painted windows, and stairs to climb, makes this cubby house a treasure dump for your kids. Your kids are going to love this playhouse for real. The house is completely kid-friendly and safe for kids as well.

6. Backyard Discovery Aspen Cubby House

A role-play where you can act like you are abandoned completely alone with some of your friends on an island, and you suddenly discover a tree house filled with treasure. Well, this particular cubby house will radiate a vibe similar to the situation that we gave. Why? Because this cubby house comes with beautiful windows and a dinner bell. The door even has beautiful detailing with an oval overhead window. In addition, the house is made with cedar wood which makes it durable as well.

7. Disney Cubby House!

Disney has offered numerous characters, and when the movie starts with the iconic castle, that’s something we can fall back upon. So, if you’ve been wondering what kind of house to choose, a Disney-themed house can be something you can choose. Starting from the good-old Cinderella to Snow White to Sleeping Beauty and more!

Final Thoughts

Kids are interested in adventurous and interesting games, and role-play is one of them. A good cubby house can help your kid act in imaginative role-play and learn more. Hopefully, this article was relevant and informative. Drop your valuable thoughts down below.

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