4 Occasions That Require Certified Translation Services

If you are ever planning to leave your home country for a certain time period, you will need to prepare the proper paperwork to have a smooth transition. A major reason for this is to ensure that your stay in a foreign country is legal so you won’t run into any law issues.

If you are moving to a country that doesn’t speak your mother tongue, you will most likely need to provide documents translated into the language of the country you are moving to. In such cases, you will have to make use of certified translation services provided by professional translators who will translate, stamp and notarize your documents. You can then use these documents for various purposes depending on the reasons why you are moving to a foreign country.

If you aren’t sure which occasions require having document translations, this post elaborates on four instances where you need to provide certified translations of your paperwork.

Moving overseas

Although relocating to a new country is an exciting experience, it can often be regarded as a strenuous process because of the process of gathering so many documents. Having all the necessary paperwork will serve as proof that your stay in that particular foreign country is legal, no matter if you are going to stay there temporarily or permanently.

For example, birth certificates and medical records are some of the essential documents you will need for your transition. They are usually written in the native language of the country you are coming from so you will need to have them translated into the language of the foreign country before you move.

Studying abroad

Another occasion that requires having a certified translation of documents is if you are planning to study abroad. Not only will compiling the necessary paperwork ensure your legal stay in the foreign country, but it will also help you secure admission to your desired institution or course.

In addition to the obvious translations of your birth certificate and medical records, other important documents which you will need to have translated are your school records. This can include anything from your academic transcripts with all courses you have taken to your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume that gives a comprehensive insight into your academic and professional timelines.

Marriage abroad

A third occasion where the certified translation of documents is necessary is if you are planning to get married overseas. Having all required paperwork translated is important in order for your marriage to be recognized as legal in that particular foreign country.

Some of the most important documents you need include your birth certificate, a divorce certificate in case you are divorced, and a marriage and spouse’s death certificate if you are widowed.

Depending on the country you are getting married in, you may need to provide a Certificate of No Impediment (CNIs) which must also be translated and notarized accordingly in order to be accepted in the foreign country.

Starting a new business overseas

Whether you are planning to expand your business abroad or you are simply looking to start a new venture in a foreign land, gathering all necessary paperwork should be your top priority. Doing so will help make you a legitimate business while preventing you from running into legal troubles in the future.

Some important documents you need to have translated and certified for starting a new business overseas include your passport, your business licenses and permits, and a certificate of incorporation. A rule of thumb for this occasion is to first check in the country you are opening your business what business-related documents are necessary before initiating the process of actually starting your new venture.

Doing so will help make you a legitimate business while preventing you from running into legal troubles in the future. Apart from that you need a complete website translation and localization for your website so you can properly attract business and ensure your growth.

Final thoughts

No matter if you are moving to a foreign country because for personal or business purposes, having a certified translation of documents is a must. Doing so will ensure that you are legally welcome to stay in that country without worrying that you may run into law troubles later on.

In order to make everything look legitimate, make sure you look for reputable translators who will provide you with authentic translations of personal and professional paperwork. This is the only and best way to have a smooth transition when relocating to a foreign land. 

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