What Should You Consider When Buying Cheap Bongs Online?

Are you new to the world of bongs and pipes? Do you have a friend who just started smoking from a bong? If so, this guide is for you.

Do not worry if you fail to understand what to look for in a pipe or bong. Many things must be considered when purchasing good cheap bongs. This article will help you find the best inexpensive bong that is both worth your money and has quality substance.

Here are some essential tips on considering when looking for good cheap bongs online. 

1. Types

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Glass bongs come in a variety of types. Some of them are explained below:

Straight Tube

This type of bong is probably the most classic and every day. It has a long cylinder-shaped body with no bend at the bottom; hence it looks like a “tube.” The bowl is placed on top of this tube.

This kind of design makes the smoke travel upward through the downstream straight into your lungs. If you are a beginner, the straight tube type is a good choice.

Beaker Base Bong

This kind of bong is inspired by scientific glass instruments used in laboratories. The downstream and bowl are placed in a “beaker” shaped bottom with diagonal edges. 

These slanted sides give you extra room to place and hold your beaker base bong while taking a hit. The unique design makes it easier to make bubbles when pulling the smoke through the water.

Dab Rig

This type is specially made for smoking concentrates or oil rather than dry herbs. The bowl is usually round-shaped with a bit of embedded dab tool. It does not have any downstream.

Cylinder Bong

The cylinder bong is a simplified version of the straight tube. This kind has a bent body, but not completely straight. The size and design of this type make it look like a flask or container. It does not have any downstream either, making it easy to use for beginners, especially if they smoke.

2. Sizes

One of the critical considerations in choosing pipes and good cheap bongs is their size. Before buying any glass bong, you must know your requirements, like how many people will smoke it or what kind of sessions it will be used for.

It is essential to consider the number of people smoking and the time of the session. A tiny bong might be enough if you use it for short periods.

3. Brands

Glass bongs are not all made equal. Some brands create good quality bongs, and some only aim to make money without investing too much effort in producing good quality bongs.

Most online stores sell affordable glass bongs that are of excellent quality. These kinds of shops usually offer discounts on certain products. However, if you want a cheap but high-quality bong, it would be best to look for shops with positive reviews from customers who bought and used their products before.

4. Design

Glass bongs are made in a wide range of designs. The majority of them are made with unique colours and patterns. There is one for everyone when it comes to creating the bong.

If you want something simple, random colored glass bongs are available in practically all online smoke shops. It is also possible to make your custom bong by choosing the colour and design of the glass.

5. Accessories

The price of cheap glass bongs does not always make it more straightforward when it comes to accessories and features and bonus extras in their designs that you might not like or need. Check if there is an extra bowl, downstem, and other parts included.


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