What Are the Different Names of Wrinkles on the Face?

Are you trying to identify the wrinkles you have on your face? Perhaps you want to know what they are to learn how to address them. Assuming this is the case, we have the responses you want.

When you learn the names of wrinkles on your face, it’s easier to find solutions to getting rid of them. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a while to explain them.

In this way, here’s a gander at what they are.

Crow’s Feet

If you squint often, you can develop deep wrinkles in the corner of your eyes. You call those crow’s feet since they resemble it when they spread.

The corners of your eyes are one of the areas with thinner skin, so it becomes prone to fine lines. You can also get wrinkles here because of frequent laughing, smiling widely, and crying.

Bunny Lines

People who scrunch their noses a lot can get wrinkles on the sides of their noses. Most people call them bunny lines due to the habit of nose-scrunching from rabbits.

While it’s one of the uncommon types of facial wrinkles, people who usually develop them may also have elevens or frown lines.


You might know elevens are frown lines or glabellar lines, which are wrinkles that form in the T-zone of your face, resembling the number eleven. They appear due to frequent squinting, crying, or frowning with the eyes.

They can also affect your expression. So, people who have elevens tend to look inquisitive despite resting their faces.

Cobblestone Chin

Pursing your lips can show crater-like dimples on your chin area. They are often called cobblestone chin.

Although it’s not the best look, it’s still one of the natural wrinkles you get as you age. Derma fillers are a way to balance the chin contour and smoothen it. You can learn more about it by checking Botox by Integrated Aesthetics.

Laugh Lines

The creases you get near your mouth from recurring smiling or laughing are what you call laugh lines. It’s similar to crow’s feet since it also refers to other wrinkle types you get from laughing often.

Accordion Lines

You can also develop accordion lines from laughing, but they are usually deeper than typical laugh lines. They form at the corner of your mouth, so people who have less fat on their cheeks are more prone to having these.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines or nasolabial folds are the deep wrinkles up and down your cheeks. They look round and extend from your nose to your jaw or the bottom of your mouth.

One of the reasons you develop these creases is a decrease in skin elasticity and firmness. It depends on your exposure and facial care, but you become prone to it as you age.

Expression Wrinkles

Expression wrinkles are the forehead wrinkles you get from repeatedly making the same facial expressions. They also refer to creases formed by expressions in different areas of the face, but one of the most common places is the forehead.

Discover Different Names of Wrinkles on Face

It helps to know the names of wrinkles on your face to help you find remedies and solutions faster. Moreover, you get to understand where they come from and why or how they develop. And so, it allows you to figure out better facial care methods.

You can get more familiar with it by looking at our blog.

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