The Most Popular Burger Toppings

If you own a burger joint, topping choices are an important part of keeping customers happy and satisfied. But it’s not as easy as putting whatever you want on a burger and calling it a day.

If you have a few favorites that you love to indulge in, you might be surprised to discover that some pretty surprising burger toppings are favorites of a lot of people. These kinds of hidden gems will make your business instantly more profitable.

Here are some of the most popular burger toppings for your menu.


Bacon is one of the most popular burger toppings around. Bacon is an incredibly versatile food. With its smoky, salty flavor and crispy texture, it can enhance almost any dish.

With its high-fat content, one piece of bacon can inject flavor into a burger like no other topping. Bacon is often added by adding it to the patty itself or as an afterthought, which can add a perfect crunch to a freshly made burger.


Cheese is one of the most popular burger toppings, if not the most popular. Whether it’s grilled or melted on top of the patty, cheese adds a savory and satisfying texture and flavor to burgers.

Different cheeses have different levels of creaminess, saltiness, sweetness, and sharpness, so experimenting with cheese is an easy way to customize a burger for the individual. From mild cheddar to nutty Gruyere or creamy blue cheese to pungent Roquefort, there’s a cheese for every taste.


Onions are a hugely popular topping for burgers and good reason. Onions add a powerful punch of flavor to burgers, enhancing and even masking the flavors of other ingredients.

Onions are also often rich and sweet, adding complementary flavors to the main components of a burger. Onions are also versatile, as they can be easily cooked to bring out different flavor profiles, from sweet and mild to crispy and robust.


Lettuce is a popular burger topping that adds flavor and crunch to any sandwich. It can be added as a garnish to add freshness to burgers that are otherwise heavy and substantial.

Lettuce can be used to add variety to any burger, with different types such as iceberg, butterhead, and romaine available. It can be used in wraps, too, adding yet more texture to the usual chopped vegetables and sauces.


Tomato is one of the most popular toppers when it comes to burgers. This isn’t that surprising considering tomatoes’ delicious, juicy, tangy flavor. A freshly sliced tomato brings a natural sweetness and delicate crunch to any burger.

Tomatoes are also incredibly versatile in taste and texture. Depending on the variety, you can find either ripe, firm tomatoes that add crunch and flavor to a burger or thick, ripe slices that provide an extra layer of juiciness.

Explore the Most Popular Burger Toppings

In conclusion, there are a variety of popular burger toppings available, allowing you to customize your burger according to your tastes. Choose from classic options such as ketchup, mustard, and pickles, or get creative with different types of cheeses, sauces, and vegetables.

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