The Best Paint Colors for Small Kitchens

It sounds simple, but it can be hard to figure out what paints look best in a kitchen when you’re going to look at them every day.

Until you paint, you won’t know the kitchen paint colors, but we’ll help you figure it out. Read on to learn the best paint colors for small kitchens and why they look so good!

Olive Green and Warm White

The combination of the fresh olive green with the pure white creates a clean and inviting feel to the small space. The green brings tranquility and gives a natural element. The white adds a sense of openness and helps to reflect light throughout the area.

Olive green also helps to keep the space looking brighter by bouncing light off its walls. This helps to prevent the kitchen from feeling cramped. This color mix would also look great paired with light wooden furniture, creating a cozy atmosphere you’ll want to spend time in.

With the versatility of the hues, you can always switch things up and invest in different accessories to add more depth and warmth to the room.


It reflects light off the walls, brightening the room without feeling overwhelming. It also pairs well with all colors, so you can add a bold accent wall or incorporate different colors for a unique yet timeless look.

Additionally, offwhite is much less likely to show stains and fingerprints from cooking splashes and spills, making maintaining a clean, pristine kitchen easy. This is especially important in a small kitchen, where limited space means even a tiny stain can quickly become overwhelming.

Scarlet and Gray

The combination of these two colors has the potential to draw the eye and make any space look bigger. Scarlet and gray are bright and bold, adding warmth to even the most cramped kitchen.

The warm energy of the scarlet color also makes it an excellent choice for kitchens since it invites family and friends to linger and enjoy each other’s company. Meanwhile, the cool gray hue helps to keep the room from feeling overwhelming.

Paired together, scarlet and gray provide a perfect balance of comfort and style to make any small kitchen look and feel its best.


Turquoise can be an inviting and beautiful color for your small kitchen. Whether you choose a bright, teal-like hue or a more subtle sandy shade, this color can instantly energize and warm a room.

The best way to use turquoise is on your walls or backsplash, as it will accentuate the other colors in the kitchen, such as white cabinets, black countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

Or, for a more modern look, pair lighter turquoise colors with black and white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Turquoise will be a beautiful addition to a small kitchen regardless of shade.

Choose the Best Paint Colors for Small Kitchens

Having the paint colors for small kitchens can make a world of difference. Use these colors to create a kitchen space that feels inviting and functions correctly. Put your best painter’s hat on and get to work!

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