Priyana Thapa: The Voice of Millennial America

Keith Thurman Wife – Priyana Thapa Bio (Wiki, Age, Family, Height, Kids, 2022)

Priyana Thapa is the founder and CEO of Priyana. Priyana was founded in 2013, with Priyana’s mission being to help people live their best lives possible.

Priyana graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in International Relations, before starting her company at the age of 23.

Priyana has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine for her work as an entrepreneur and social media influencer.

Priyana is also the Co-founder of Priyana, a nonprofit organization that works with girls in Nepal to help them get an education.

Priyana has spoken at many events including TEDx and WWDC as well as various local panels.

Quick Facts of Priyana Thapa:

Full Name:Priyana Thapa
Birth Date:Undisclosed
Birth Place:kathmandu, Nepal
Age:Early 30’s
Education:Not known
Nationality:American (by marriage); Nepalese (by birth)
Height:5’4” (1.64 m)
Profession:Model, Producer
Net Worth:10 million (Expected)
Married:Yes (Keith Thurman Jr.)
Social Media:Instagram
Last UpdateAugust 2022

Early life Priyana Thapa:

She was likely born in 1992 or 1993 since she is a native of Nepal. However, the details of her parents and siblings remain unknown to the general public.

Priyana’s Early Life was very different from the average Nepalese girl. Priyantha Thapa spent her childhood in Kathmandu, Nepal before she moved to America with her family.

Priyana attended Colgate University and graduated with honours from Wittenberg University School of Law in Ohio where she met her husband, Dr. Charlie Thapa who is a prominent cardiologist at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Priyana now lives with her husband and two children in Shaker Heights, Ohio which is just outside of Cleveland proper.

Priyana is a mother who has founded Priyantha’s Angels, an organization that provides support to immigrant mothers and their children through the transition from Nepal to America.

Priyana Thapa believes in helping others and encourages people all over the world to make a difference no matter how big or small.

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Age and Body Measurements of Priyana Thapa:

Priyana from Nepal married a man named Thapa when she was 24 years old. If we assume that it’s been three years since the wedding, then her age must be 27 now.

You can find Priyana Thapa’s complete body measurements including weight, height, bra size, shoe size, etc. Priyana is a popular model as well as an actress in the Nepali film industry.

Priyana has not mentioned her exact height but she looks tall because of her body measurements which are perfect for models.

Priyana’s height is maybe around six feet or 183 cm. Priya is also very slim and weighs only around 50 kg.

Priyana has maintained her body perfectly with the help of diet control, workout, and some medicines too.

Priyana’s waist size is 24 inches or 60 cm whereas their hips are 32 inches or 80 cm in circumference.

Priyana also has perfect body proportions which make her more beautiful than others.

Priyana’s bra size is 32C and her shoe size is nine (US). Priyana Thapa has also appeared in several music videos.

Priyana has a very cute face with a dashing smile which would make anyone fall for her beauty and charm.

Priyana’s dress size was not available in the media but she looks perfect in whatever dresses she wears because of her body measurements including height, weight, etc.


Priyana Thapa is a brilliant student who has been trying her best to make the most of her educational opportunities.

Priyana and I are both from Nepal, an impoverished country where many people lack education.

Priyana is 17 years old now, but she first began school when she was only six years old with no prior education.

Priyana had just turned six and she was eager to learn, but Priyana’s parents didn’t have the money for her first month of school so they put her in a public daycare center.

Priyana started out with some difficulties in this learning environment because none of the teachers spoke Nepali!

Her mother recalls that Priyana cried every day before she would leave for school and Priyana’s mother had to persuade Priyana that the teacher was there to teach her.

Eventually, Priyan found a private tutor who could speak Nepali and Priya started learning quickly from this individual as long as they communicated in Nepali.

Priyana has now been able to learn English as well and Priya’s vocabulary has grown tremendously.

Priyana is a great example of how even impoverished families can provide for their children by sacrificing to give them the education they need in order to get ahead!

Keith Thurman wife Career:

Priyana Thapa is a Nepalese model, actress, and producer. Priyana made her acting debut as the female lead in Bindaas (2006) for which she received nominations for Filmfare Awards and National Film Award.

Priyaa lives with her parents, sister, and brother-in-law in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Priyaa is a Nepali model who has done many advertisements for various brands and beauty products.


Priyana Thapa and her husband Keith Thurman

Keith Thurman met Priyana in a Tokyo nightclub. They hit it off, and within three days of their first meeting began dating.

That summer, the boxer proposed after one year together. Keith wore traditional Nepali garb for his wedding to Priyana on July 1, 2017, at a hotel in Kathmandu.

After being engaged for about twelve months prior; friends and family were also present. The couple appears content with each other currently.

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The charming, Priyana is a miss of Keith Thurman, former undefeated welterweight world champion.

The duo first met back in October 2018 at the bar where she worked in Tokyo.

Following their initial interaction, there was instant chemistry between them and after several days they exchanged numbers and began dating regularly.

They soon advanced to travelling together like visiting the Maldives for an extended vacation before he proposed marriage shortly thereafter!

Talent of Priyana Thapa:

Priyana has a diverse background, having lived in Japan for several years and able to communicate fluently with native speakers.

She is also fluent in speaking English as well as Nepali from watching Indian movies growing up.

To round off her linguistic skillset she was even able to learn Hindi by mainly listening to the language while still living abroad!

Net Worth:

Keith Thurman, the husband of Caitlyn Jenner is estimated to have a net worth of around $10 million.

However little information about his wife’s professional life has been revealed so her own net worth remains unknown at this time.

Social Media Presence:

Fans of Priyana can find her on various platforms of social media. Here we have mentioned the social links Priyana’s below.


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