How to Start Betting on Baseball

Did you know that 50% of American adults say they have bet on sports at least once? Yet, with more states entering the legal sports betting market, more people wonder which sports to bet on first. Well, it’s baseball season, and if you’re new to sports betting, baseball is an excellent place to start getting gambling advice.

No professional sport gives you more opportunity for wagering than betting on baseball. Each team playing a 162 game schedule again gives the sports bettor plenty of options.

So if you want to learn how to bet on baseball, keep reading. This brief guide to betting on baseball will load you up with betting tips to win more often.

Set Your Goals

Before making any bets, it’s critical to have a plan to manage your bankroll. Think about sports betting as an investment and risk only small portions of your stake on each wager. Professional gamblers succeed with patience by risking only 5% to10% of their bankroll on a bet.

Next, you need to choose online betting sites that offer favorable odds. Sign up for several sports betting sites and shop around for your best odds on bets you want to make.

Then, avoid betting on baseball with teasers and parlay bets. It’s nice to think you can double your profit with one of these bet types, but you will fall on the wrong end of the bet more often than not.

Instead, look for gambling tips from pros, and learn to bet like them. The best gambling advice is to bet against the public when looking at lines. Sharp bettors often go against the public view of a game and gain an odds advantage in the process.

The best aspect of betting on baseball is it is a win or lose proposition. Unlike football and basketball, where point spreads receive the majority of bets, baseball betting simplifies the action. And statistics play an enormous role in choosing the best baseball odds.

Understanding Baseball Odds

There are three straightforward lines for betting on baseball. First, the Money Line offers a choice of game-winner. The team with the minus sign ahead of their odds is the game favorite, and the plus sign denotes the underdog. So, for example, the New York Yankees might be a -125 favorite to beat the Baltimore Orioles at +150.

Money Line

With all bets based on $100, the Money Line odds give you the odds in relation to that bet. So, to win $100 on top of your bet on favored New York, you need to wager $125.

If you choose Baltimore, a $100 winning bet will pay you $150 plus your original bet.

Run Line

Another form of betting on baseball is choosing how many runs a team will win by on a wager. For example, the Yankees could have a run line of 2.5 in the game against the Orioles with odds of -130. New York needs to win the game by three runs or more for your bet to pay off.

Similar to other sports betting with spreads, you can win a bet on Baltimore if they lose the game by two runs or less. So if the Orioles were +2.5 at +175, your $100 bet would win $175 even if they lost 4-3.


The over/under bet is common in sports betting, and most gambling tips suggest looking for betting the under opportunities. The total reflects the combined score between the two teams no matter who wins the game. The odds are generally equal for Over or Under bets.

If the total number for the Yankees vs. Orioles is 8.5, the teams would have to produce nine runs combined to pay the Over bet.

Focus on Matchups

Intense pitching matchups present excellent Under opportunities for betting on baseball. Yet, there are many facets of baseball where statistics reveal advantages.

Experts scour spreadsheets and player splits to discover advantages in all types of sports betting. But if you want sound gambling advice on any game, you can get information at Doc’s MLB Picks for in-depth analysis.

Some of the best betting tips for baseball include matchups between batters and pitchers. In divisional matchups, players have an adequate sample size of stats to see how they perform.

Yet, other factors affect how games play out, so study every aspect of an upcoming game. For example, find out who the umpires are and their tendencies for calling balls and strikes. In addition, some players perform differently in day and night games.

The weather has an enormous effect on total scores, especially if the wind gets involved. Scoring will likely go down when a stiff breeze blows in from the outfield. So an Under bet will be a wise investment in these circumstances.

Betting on Baseball for Value

Betting against public sentiment is only one piece of gambling advice pros know for profit opportunities. One of the best betting tips is to avoid heavy favorites on the Money Line and the Run Line. Baseball has too many variables that can help even a bad team keep a game close.

Instead, look for underdogs with plus money odds on the Run Line. Looking for divisional underdogs is another of the betting tips you should pursue. Statistics show that divisional rivalries favor underdogs more often because the teams know each other so well.

Yet, it would be best to learn the metrics that affect every aspect of a baseball matchup. The long season makes betting on baseball with metrics more accessible. For example, the American League team has a distinct advantage in games against National League teams due to the DH rule.

Get More Betting Tips

There are many places to get sound gambling advice for betting on baseball. In sports betting, baseball is unique for definable statistics. Research is the best way to learn how to bet on baseball with success.

The long season ahead will provide excellent opportunities for betting on baseball. So use gambling advice to your advantage and have fun with sports betting. And if these betting tips helped you build your bankroll, come back here for more excellent insights.


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