How to Make the Most of Your Group Trip

Group trips are an excellent way to explore the world safely and affordably. Whether you’re splitting a room and a car or enjoying the large group discounts, it’s definitely a more budget-friendly way to travel.

These getaways are also popular in corporate industries, making business hotels a competitive part of hospitality. Leisure and work travelers can enjoy the amenities offered by these lodging facilities. Only those with job-related business receive large group discounts, though, as discussed in this article by Hotel Engine.

Personal, business, or a mix of both, traveling with others can have its ups and downs. Use these tips to make the most of your group trip and ensure everyone has a memorable experience — in the best way possible.

1. Communicate Together Clearly

So you’ve all decided you’re ready to hit the proverbial road, but who is the designated driver in control of the itinerary and planning? Someone has to take charge of delegating the tasks, but that someone must be agreed upon by all. 

If no one has done so yet, go ahead and start a group discussion requesting nominations for a central coordinator. If they agree to take charge, that doesn’t mean they do all the work. However, it helps to have one person as the go-to who oversees the essential tasks and ensures they’re getting done.

Without a coordinator and communication, it’s possible that multiple people will work on one thing, like booking a hotel, while no one does a crucial job, like finding a tour guide.

One or two people should determine what has to be done and break it all down into action steps, such as setting dates and budgets, deciding on lodging and transportation, suggesting and booking activities, and arranging meals. Everyone in the group can volunteer for tasks based on their comfort level, but with someone monitoring the overall picture, it will all get done timely.

Even if you must be the one to step up and facilitate the initial contact, it’s okay. Everyone will enjoy the trip better if it’s all clearly communicated.

2. Get Group Rates and Budget Approval Early

You’re making plans for everyone based on the understanding that group rates make the trip cheaper. But if you aren’t communicating costs and receiving unanimous traveler approval, you may find that someone’s idea of a reasonable budget isn’t the same as yours.

This will affect everyone when you get to your destination and don’t have enough people to receive the group discounts. The rest of the party is stuck reevaluating their trip money and deciding if the extra cost is worth the activity.

One way to eliminate this worry is to plan well in advance so you can book and pay early. Travelers on a budget can focus on paying for one thing at a time instead of trying to save up a large amount to cover everything on the trip. Knowing the group rate is secured ahead of time is a relief for everyone.

You can book and pay upfront to get discounts on hotel rooms, theme parks and other attractions, and even dinner tours. Since there aren’t too many ways to get group rates on airfare unless you have credit card rewards, you may want to have everyone book their flights individually with a set date for when to get there and leave.

3. Include Everyone, But Let Them Decide for Themselves

Inclusivity is crucial during a group trip. If one of your travelers has a disability, a fear, or a budget constraint, the polite thing to do is skip activities that aren’t feasible for them.

For instance, going to a movie with a friend who can’t hear could make them feel uncomfortable. Scheduling a horseback riding activity when you know someone in the group can’t physically do it could affect the group dynamics.

In general, if something you’re considering suggesting might not go over well for any reason with a specific person, ask them before you ask the rest of the group. 

You might find that they don’t mind booking some alone time to do something else or that they’re okay with the activity after all. But the fact that you thought of them and asked is the most important thing.

Regardless of the activities planned, the idea should be to include everyone but let them decide if they want to participate without feeling guilty if they don’t. Ultimately, they’re in charge of how they enjoy the trip.


Group travel is on the rise as companies and friends take advantage of the perks that come with large groups. Whether you’re heading out for business or fun, remember: clear communication, planning early, and including everyone can help you all make the most of your trip.


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