How Long Does It Take to Fill a Prescription on Average?

What’s the wait time for a prescription these days?

It’s always helpful to know the amount of time you can expect to spend at the pharmacy. All that time spent waiting can be used more effectively.

You don’t want to end up missing an appointment or face the embarrassment of forgetting it during a later appointment. How long is the wait for getting a prescription normally? Find out how long does it take to fill a prescription.

A Comparison of In-Person and Online Pharmacy Refill Times

In-person pharmacy refill times vary for each pharmacy but average from 30 minutes to an hour. Factors that can increase wait times include long lines or additional paperwork that needs to be processed.

Online pharmacy refill times, on the other hand, can range from just a few minutes in most cases and up to 24 hours when submitting a new prescription. Upon completion, the medication is usually shipped directly to the customer’s address.

It also typically offers a text notification when the order is ready to be picked up or has been shipped. In conclusion, while in-person prescription refills may take more time than online pharmacies, either option ensures the patient can receive their medication in a timely manner.

Typical Wait Times for Different Types of Prescriptions

On average, it takes about two working days to fill a prescription. This doesn’t usually change based on the type of prescription. However, there are certain types of prescriptions and healthcare providers that can affect how long you’ll need to wait for your medications.

For example, if you have a specialty prescription, it may take longer to be filled. Many mail-order pharmacies also take up to two weeks to receive and fill your prescription.

You should also check if your healthcare provider has any restrictions on which pharmacies you can get your prescriptions from, as this can also affect how long it takes to fill a prescription.

Factors That Impact Refill Time

Some factors that can impact refill time include the type of drug prescribed, the availability of the medication, your insurance plan, and the type of pharmacy where you choose to fill it.

Same-day refills can be expected for generic medications that are in stock at your local pharmacy. For brand-name medications, your insurance company may need to provide prior authorization for coverage, which can take some time.

Overall, discounted medication is a great option for saving money, as the wait time is not significantly longer than regular prescriptions.

How to Speed up the Refill Process

The average time to fill a prescription may vary based on the provider, the available inventory, and the type of prescription. In general, for medications that do not require additional verification, it can take 1-2 days to fill a prescription.

To speed up the refill process, confirm the availability of the medication and the location it needs to be purchased from beforehand.

Having certain paperwork or documentation ready to be provided to the pharmacist prior to the pharmacy visit can help reduce the waiting time for the saving on prescriptions to be filled.

Learn How Long Does It Take To Fill a Prescription

On average, it takes a minimum of 24 hours to fill a prescription. Since wait times vary based on the medication type, availability, and pharmacy regulations, it is best to check with your local pharmacy for expected fill times.

Take action today by learning how long it takes to fill a prescription and making sure they are filled in a timely manner.

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