Behind the Scenes: A Look at How Slot Machines Are Made and Tested

Slot machines, whether it is the land-based machines in a brick-and-mortar casino or vegas slots online accessible in iGaming sites, are taken through a deliberate design and testing process. These processes usually guarantee that the titles are produced according to the tastes of different fans of reel-spinning and are verifiably fair to ensure impartial outcomes for all players.

In case you’ve been having questions about how online slot games are made from scratch and how they are finally tested before public release, you came to the right place. Spare the next couple of minutes of your time to join us as we dig a little deeper into how it all goes down.

How Casino Content Creators Make Slot Machines

The process of developing online slots is much like the creation of any other game that is enjoyed by different types of players worldwide. The first steps for the game designers are often something like this:

  1. Brainstorming: This stage includes discussing the concept and vision for the title i.e., thematic concepts, graphical components, gameplay mechanics, power-up features, and platform compatibility;
  2. Market Research: Here, developers look at popular trends, consider target audiences, and of course, take the budget into account;
  3. Defining Requirements: Outline the features that are to be included in the product to complement the thematic concept and storyline. Here, the tech stack required for the design and the time frame for completion is also clearly stated;
  4. Wireframe Conceptualization: In this stage, artists produce initial mock-ups and sketches of the title to give an idea of how it will ultimately look. They show how the game will progress and how players will interact with it;
  5. Minimum Viable Prototype (MVP): An initial lightweight build of a working version of the slot. Coders here come up with a basic game that features all its expected UX elements, mechanics, and features to showcase a hint of the final product;
  6. Design Stage: This is one of the most vital stages of making slot machines. Here, the full versions of the games are finalized based on the initial prototype and sketches. The UI and UX designers get to work to make the final design a reality;
  7. Game Development: It’s the lengthiest and most vital stage of the process. Here coders bring the game’s artistic vision to life. The math engine, which uses a random number generator (RNG), is also incorporated alongside other elements such as volatility, size, and frequency of the payout, and of course, bonus prizes. Cross-platform support and payment getaway integrations are also dealt with here.

When the seven steps above are done and dusted, the process then moves to another vital stage, which involves quality assurance and testing before the official public debut. Check out how it’s done in the next section.

How Slot Machine Games Are Tested

The final stage, which is also particularly crucial, is the testing stage, where developers assess the product for glitches and bugs. This polishes up the game to perfection to warrant that it is ready for release into the gambling market. Developers typically conduct quality assurance tests in four main criteria:

  • Unit: Each component of the game is tested to verify that it works as envisioned;
  • Integration: After each unit is confirmed to be functioning as intended, all the separate components are merged and tested to confirm that they are working seamlessly;
  • System: The зкщвгсе is then examined to establish it meets all functional, technical, and business requirements needed for a successful run in the market;
  • User Acceptance: With everything else checked, a few users are selected to test a pre-release version to discover any issues that the game may have during gameplay.

On top of the four-tier testing, regulators through testing agencies verify the fairness of the RNGs used in the slot game. World renown agencies such as GLI, TST, iTech Labs, and eCOGRA extensively check the game for reliability and fairness by ensuring it achieves the proper RTP as determined by regulatory standards.

Slot Machine Creation Is No Mean Feat

As you can see, it takes an exhaustive process to create a slot machine title from zero, as there are plenty of factors that must be considered. And after software developers do their thing, testing agencies come in to vet the games and ensure that players have a good time in a fair and neutral environment whenever they spin the reels.

If you are a fan of spinning reels online, then you should only play in Canadian online casinos that are certified by trusted regulatory bodies. It’s the only way you can be assured that the games have been taken through all the meticulous processes that we’ve discussed today.

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