8 Tips for Running a Condominium Association

Are you the chairperson of your condo association? Or interested in taking the role?

Running a condo association is a huge responsibility. However, if done right, it can also pay off and show benefits to the community as a whole. Good condo associations offer a safe, clean, and well-cared-for community.

Are you looking for ways to improve your condominium association? Or maybe you’ve recently been appointed to a new position. In either case, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re giving you tips on running a condo association. Keep reading!

1. Put the Community First

It is vital that the condominium association provides address all of the issues of the residents in a timely manner. It is also important to make sure all services, such as maintenance, are running smoothly and with efficiency. If necessary, the condo association should consider hiring outside vendors or contractors to help meet the needs of the community.

It is also beneficial to hold regular meetings to discuss issues with the members of the association, as well as to find out potential improvements or changes that could be made.

Finally, the condominium association should focus on the physical elements of the community, including the infrastructure, level of security, and cleanliness, to ensure a safe and secure environment for all of the residents. Make sure to read a guide to HOA security cameras to ensure the safety of your community.

2. Establish a Competent Board

When choosing members for the board, look for candidates who are responsible, organized, and possess the necessary skills and experience. It is also good to have diverse backgrounds on the board, such as representatives from various rental and owner demographics.

Furthermore, it is important to properly orient board members to their duties and other rules dealing with the homeowners association. It is also beneficial to provide them with a guide or an orientation video. An association should have professional help in operating the association, like an attorney and accountant, to ensure things run smoothly. 

3. Raising the Necessary Funding

To collect enough funds to provide residents with the amenities and services they need, it is important to be organized and have a well-thought-out financial plan. Start by creating a budget based on the projects and activities you plan to undertake and where you need to allocate your funds. Research available grants and other sources of external funding, such as sponsorships.

To increase the condominium’s revenue, consider adding extra services like laundry or parking that members of the condominium will pay to use. Charge a small fee for each unit to cover the costs of maintenance and repairs. Implementing fees to rent additional amenities, such as a pool or game room, can also increase revenue. 

4. Maintaining Transparency With Residents

For those responsible for running a condominium association, it’s important to prioritize transparency. To ensure that association members are kept in the loop, establish clear policies and procedures that clearly define the duties of the board of directors, the role of management, voting procedures, and what authority the board has.

Finally, provide regularly updated financials that show how funds are allocated and use a secure web portal for members to access sensitive information. All of this will ensure that maintenance of transparency is prioritized and all members are kept up to date on the happenings of the condominium association.

5. Prepare Ahead of Time

Planning ahead of time is essential for running a successful condominium association. Board members should work together to create an organized agenda by brainstorming a comprehensive list of topics that they want to tackle. Meetings are better run when organizers have considered all the possible issues that need to be addressed.

When agendas are ready, send them out to the members several days ahead of the meeting so everyone is prepared. Make sure the meeting space is comfortable and free of distractions. Furthermore, consider establishing a set amount of time for members to discuss each issue; this helps keep conversations on track. 

6. Pay Attention to Details

To start, it is important to stay organized. Keep accurate financial records, review documents regularly, and update accounts as needed. Be sure to read and abide by the governing statutes and regulations of the condominium association. Have a solid agenda to follow for board meetings.

It is also important to be aware of all the functions of the association and its members and the legal and financial rights associated with being an association member. Make sure all members are aware of the rules and regulations associated with the condo, and ensure they adhere to them. 

7. Knowing When to Spend Resources

It is important to design a budget and long-term plan to ensure the association is equipped to handle any situation that may arise. Whenever possible, association fees should be used to fund resources and maintenance. This will help keep costs down while at the same time ensuring the association is operating in a financially responsible way.

Knowing when to spend resources can be tricky. This is largely dependent on the needs and wants of the association members. When assessing the need to spend resources, it is important to consider the long-term implications that a decision may have on the association.

When in doubt, it is always best to consult with a professional to ensure the best course of action is taken. That way, the association can make sure it is spending resources wisely while avoiding potential pitfalls.

8. Have a Business Mindset

Running a condominium association requires a lot of thorough planning and a business mindset. First, find the right balance between being a condominium owner and a professional board member by setting expectations and principles.

Make sure to stay abreast of the laws and regulations in the area. Hire a property manager to handle day-to-day activities. Create a vision for the future of the condominium.

Focus on improving the quality of life for the condo owners. You also need to ensure communication is effective and efficient for any changes. These tips will help you get a business mindset when running a condominium association.

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Living in a condominium comes with unique responsibilities. Being informed about your condominium association regulations, membership categories, and governing documents is essential to ensure smooth communal living. 

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