7 Important Features of Key Maker Machine

Regularly, locksmiths employ a number of tools and equipment. Drills, bits, screwdrivers, chisels, and hammers are examples of general-purpose tools. Other items are unique to our industry. Following tools, picks, shims, and lockout tools are examples of such equipment.

Locksmiths use a combination of duplicators, code cutters, punches, tube cutters, and milling machines to cut today’s keys. This equipment differs significantly, and its intended application will determine its value to your unique locksmith business. The key maker machine is the primary tool for a locksmith. Every locksmith wants a durable, reliable, and portable key-maker machine. When purchasing a key maker machine, you should know some essential features. These include:

1. Durable and portable:

While purchasing a key maker machine, you should check that the machine is made up of sheet metal stamping. It should be lightweight and portable. While making the key from the key maker machine, the locksmith will not get into trouble at his shop or in his van.

2. Compatible and convenient:

The cutting is made more convenient due to a jaw that can be removed and a cutting depth locking system that enables the height and tracer to be set in a way that prevents them from moving.

3. Practically well designed:

The best key maker machine is practically well organized in all ways. It should have well-designed levers. Key cutting is made more accessible by the well-designed levers and the USB plug-in light above the cutting surface.

4. Accurate, in-depth calibration:

An excellent key maker machine cuts any type and size of key accurately from all directions. It should have a well-simplified depth calibration process. The calibration is also adjustable by rotating depth micro-adjustment.

5. LED indicator:

The device possesses two green LEDs for illumination. The first one illuminates the calibration system used to ensure accurate cutting, and the second one lights up when the cutter is making contact.

6. Smooth pull-out swarf tray:

An excellent machine also has a sliding glass safety guard to protect the user from metal chips and place them into the pull-out swarf tray.

7. Multi-function cutting:

The machine comprises two sides, and each side operates independently for distinct key-cutting purposes. It also has the feature of smooth and uniform side-to-side motion. This is due to the rotation of the screw handle.


The key machine is one piece of equipment considered essential for every locksmith or security expert. You need an accurate key machine if your principal business is giving duplicate home keys to consumers, creating massive master key systems, servicing vending machine customers, or specializing in automobile services. In reality, you will most likely require many key devices. Locksmiths who have been in the industry for a long time will tell you that it used to be easy to get by with only one reliable duplicator and not much else. A manual key machine could replicate keys and usually generate keys by employing space and depth key sets as pattern keys.

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