4 Most Common Questions That Are Mostly Ask In Your Interview

The interview is an art if you can clear it, which means you will have a happy life and get a good job. Asking interview questions of the hiring manager during the hiring process is the best way to create a good impression. We all know that the first impression is the last. For example, when you make a profile on a mobile casino and invest your 1$ deposit casinos, you will try to mention all your potential skills so that more players want to place bets with you.

In the same way, an interview is a chance given to you so that you can prove yourself a productive member. 

During an interview, the manager can look at the potential skills, confidence, and an employee’s personality. Most of us get nervous during an interview. Because we are still determining what type of question we are going to ask from us and how to give a response, it’s better if you are going for an interview to look at this article and start practicing how to answer these four common questions. 

Introduce Yourself

This is the first question in every interview, no matter which company it is or what type of job position. The hiring manager is interested in something other than knowing about your life history; it means he allows you to explain yourself, your experience, and why you are fit for this position. 

The best way to answer this question is to start with the present, then explain a little bit about your past, but it must be relevant to the job, and then explain the future. This way, you will describe the essential things to your hiring manager. While answering this question, remember that it is necessary to tell the manager about the relevant experience and accomplishments. 

What Are Your Strength And Weakness

Surprisingly, this question is simple, but unfortunately, many assume that the interviewer might ask this question because he wants to know whether I am perfect. In return, the employee lies and tells them they have no weaknesses. Which is the wrong way to answer this question? 

The hiring manager is asking you very straightforwardly. Instead of lying to him, tell them about your weakness so that after explaining the defect, let them know how you are trying to overcome these weaknesses. No one will believe you are perfect because even though the person hiring knows you are not perfect. He will ask you about your strength also. Try to mention all those strengths that are relevant to the job position.

Explain The Time When You Get Fail

Once again, you have to be honest while answering this question. Explain your failures, whether because you cannot meet the deadlines or due to some misconception you argue with your supervisor. The interviewer doesn’t want you to cry. Instead, he is focusing on the setback you learned from the failure.

Where Do You See Yourself In the Next 5 Years

This question is not as simple as it is. He is interested to know how long you will stick with us. Is it worthwhile for them if they will invest the time in your training or not? For example, if they are giving you training on how to win at pokies or assist you with Online casino reviews, they want to know how long you will contribute to their firm.


Practice makes a man perfect, and there is no doubt it works. It is better to prepare before an interview and follow all these tips. We will ensure that you will get the job.

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