In the marketing environment, a set of terminologies allows users to know more in-depth about what a market represents and its impact at a digital level.

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Spot Market

It is one of the classifications given to the market, known as the cash market since the value or price of a digital financial asset is canceled at the time of delivery.

The Spot market has high liquidity; consequently, financing is not generated in the investment process, thus guaranteeing its participants the most effective return on investment.

To use or operate in this market, you must have the tools or platforms that allow this type of negotiation; it is a market anchored to the digital.

There are two types of Spot markets, among which are: the Spot market with currencies and the market with raw materials.

  • Spot market with currencies or Spot Forex: in this type of market, all the operations that are carried out with digital or traditional financial assets are grouped; in the case of cryptocurrencies, it bases its operations around currency pairs and digital assets that, in many cases require days to be able to obtain the desired earnings.

To enter this type of market, it must be known that it is a highly speculative market, and favorable results will be seen according to the level of knowledge and analysis of the need to make advanced investments to other investors.

  • Spot Raw Materials or Spot Energy Market: The operations carried out under this type of market are directly related to all those raw material assets, such as oil, gas, and precious materials.

It is a profitable market in that your profits can be made in minutes. However, most of these transactions are under the domain of governments, companies, or some individuals.

How are prices defined in the Spot market?

In the Spot market, in addition to being characterized by immediate cancellations, the operation prices are based on the moment the contract is generated.

It means that when the negotiation is made, the price of the moment in the market of a particular asset is considered, but not the price at which the operation is closed.

These types of prices turn out to be high, which is why they are based on market supply and demand; in addition to the fact that there are a series of factors that modify the price of the asset outside the parties that are investing, these are directly related to the supply and demand.

How does the Spot market apply to Cryptocurrencies?

The characteristics of the spot market in cryptocurrencies are based on the fact that cryptocurrencies operate every day, 24 hours a day, which implies that purchase and sale operations can be generated at any time.

In finance with cryptocurrencies, when carrying out an operation through the Spot market, investors have the possibility of generating a contract when they consider that the price is the one that offers the best spot rate.

For investors to close and liquidate their operations, there must be supply and demand.

Spot markets that apply to the cryptographic environment are known as OTC or over-the-counter Exchanges.

  • OTC ( Over The Counter ): The trading transactions with cryptocurrencies that carry out their negotiations through this option are those whose volume is high and is done almost secretly.

No third party is involved in these Spot Market negotiations, be it a Broker or an institution; they are decentralized negotiations, and their settlement is carried out quickly and directly between the parties involved.

  • Exchange: in this type of market, you already operate based on the conditions proposed by the Broker or the mediator. The prices of digital assets are shown immediately and have a limit in terms of closing and opening hours of the market.

If the investments you want to make are long-term, the exchange will always be the best option.


The cryptocurrency spot market may be the best option for many when doing intraday trading because its operations can be done quickly, and the settlement of profits is generated immediately, which for many, is extremely attractive.


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