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The Parts of a Logo 5 Design Elements a Logo Needs to Be Memorable

By some estimates, there are more than 334 million companies across the world. With so many companies, how can you make yours stand out amongst the rest? One of the best ways to do so is with a good logo design. But which parts of a logo are the ones that will catch the most eyes?

If you’re curious about marketing psychology and making the most out of your logo design, we’re here to help. Read on to learn the five most important design principles of a good logo.

1. Eye-Catching Colors

One of the first things you’ll want is to incorporate colors into your logo. Color theory is one of the most effective logo design tools you’ll have. A bland, monochrome logo won’t stand out very well from the rest. It can blend into a page and fail to stick in someone’s mind. If the logo is complex but monochrome, it’s sometimes difficult to parse out the other visual elements.

A great way to see examples is with these portfolio logo ideas. As you browse, you’ll see that few (if any) of these great examples are monochrome.

2. Simplicity

Another step is to make sure your logo is simple. You want it to stick in people’s minds, so having it be complex and esoteric won’t work the same. You also will have this as part of your branding. It’s much easier to brand a simple logo than a complex, multi-layered example.

3. Lettering or Wording

You should always incorporate lettering or wording into your logo. It’s difficult to think of any logos that don’t have some form of wording around them. Even the famous Nike swoosh normally has the “Just Do It” catchphrase nearby. Consider working the name of your company into the logo. Doing so helps people associate your company with the symbol. As you grow more popular, you can then begin using only your logo.

4. Branding

Your branding is an image of what you want your company to be represented by. Branding can include color schemes, design choices, and of course, what design trends your logo follows. Incorporate your branding into your logo design. Keep the color scheme similar, and make sure the logo appears in more than one place. Branding products with your logo is a great way to help the brand spread.

5. Versatility

Finally, your logo should have some versatility to it. Having a wordy, blocky logo that doesn’t look good anywhere but a sign won’t do. Create a logo that you would want to have represent you in several places. By doing so, you ensure that your brand awareness soars.

The Best Parts of a Logo

The best parts of a logo are brand recognition, simplicity, and an eye-catching design. Follow design principles that incorporate visual elements such as complementary colors and simple wording. That way, customers who see your logo will quickly begin to associate it with you and your company.

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