The Complete Guide to Purchasing Designer Handbags: Everything to Know

You might be surprised to learn that the average household in the US spends approximately $1500 on clothing each year. If you’re familiar with designer products, however, then you understand that this amount sometimes can’t even get you a single item.  This is particularly true when it comes to designer handbag brands. The good news is that purchasing designer handbags doesn’t always have to be expensive.

There are many designer options for handbags out there, and we’ve put together a guide that can help you make the best decisions. Let’s dive in.

Why Designer Handbags?

Designer handbags are an amazing way to treat yourself. They are high-quality, durable, and serve as a status symbol. While this latter point might not be something everyone cares about, there are certain situations where it’s important.

For example, if you live in a major city and attend high-profile social events, having a designer bag can help you stand out. This is particularly true in certain industries, such as fashion, finance, etc.

What to Consider When Buying

Buying designer handbags isn’t always easy. There are certain nuances you need to be aware of when making your decision. Listed below are some of the most notable.


As you might assume, the condition of the bag is one of the primary attributes you should consider.  You should look at the exterior for any scuffs, scratches, or faded coloring. Within the interior, take a look at the lining for signs of damage. The pockets and zippers should be functional and intact.  If you’re purchasing a used item, a little wear and tear is normal. However, don’t feel compelled to buy a bag that you would feel self-conscious about using. There’s a difference between a product with minor damage and one that was mishandled.  If purchasing a bag online, only choose sellers that offer detailed photos of the bag’s condition. Otherwise, you run the risk of receiving a product you aren’t satisfied with.


Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of fake designer bags on the market. Counterfeit products might look real at first, but they won’t provide the same experience as an authentic one. The materials are often of lower quality, and they won’t have as much weight as a genuine product.  Ways to check for authenticity include inspecting the logo, label, and serial numbers. Fake products have logos that aren’t a 1:1 match. The shape of the logo might be slightly off, and the text may use the wrong font.  Counterfeit products also have randomly generated serial numbers with no meaning behind them. If you look up the serial number on the brand’s website, getting an inconclusive match likely means that you purchased a fake bag.

If the bag seems low-quality in general, it’s also likely inauthentic. Be sure to keep this in mind when moving forward.


Not all designer bags are created equal. Although designer brands use high-quality materials, some bags simply look and feel better than others.

Research the materials the designer brand uses so you can make the best decision. All things considered, it’s essential to receive whatever would be fair.


Interestingly, this is something that many people overlook. However, the stitching and finishing will play a large role in the bag’s overall appearance.  The stitching should be neat and even, and there should be no irregularities or loose threads. Not only does poor-quality stitching look bad, but it can also compromise the integrity of the product. Over time, loose stitching could cause the bag to fall apart, making it much less durable.  

Designer bags are often renowned for their longevity, so this is an attribute you want to focus on. When it comes to the bag’s finishing, you should pay attention to the overall construction of the product.  This means looking for reinforced handles and properly attached straps. The edges should be well-finished and smooth. Put simply, the bag should look like it was created with great care.

Brand Reputation

It’s in your best interest to research the reputation of the brand you’re considering. Although most designer brands have strong histories of their commitment to excellence, some may fall short. For instance, you wouldn’t want to choose a brand that is notorious for providing poor customer service.  In the event that you get a faulty product, you might not get a resolution in your favor. You should also avoid working with brands that are embroiled in controversy.  As previously mentioned, designer bags are a status symbol. This could work against you if you purchase a bag from a brand with a poor track record. For instance, there might be a designer brand you’re interested in that was recently exposed for abusing laborers in third-world countries.  The good news is that once you find a reliable brand, you can keep purchasing products from them in the future.


A handbag is often defined by its hardware. Buckles, clasps, and zippers play a large role in the overall appearance of the product. If possible, inspect the bag in person before making a purchase.  This will allow you to assess the texture, finish, and weight of the hardware. Genuine metal should always have a smooth and polished surface.

The hardware will also contribute to the bag’s durability. If you plan on reselling the bag in the future, this is a crucial aspect to keep an eye on.

Designer Handbag Benefits

Many handbags have rare or discontinued designs. Limited-edition bags can be worth a substantial amount of money as the years pass.  Even if you don’t want to resell the product, there’s something to be said about the pleasure of owning a discontinued item. Sometimes, brands won’t announce their discontinuation of an item until it’s no longer on the shelves. So, if there’s a particular design that you enjoy, consider the fact that it may not be permanently available.

The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation where a bag you could have purchased is discontinued. Sustainable fashion is becoming more important as time goes on.  Those who are environmentally conscious can benefit from purchasing preowned designer bags. There are plenty of luxury items on the resale market, and it’s not uncommon for these products to be in perfect condition.  Very few people who own designer bags neglect to treat them with care. There are also many designer brands that emphasize sustainable business practices. With a little research, you can find a company that aligns with your ideals.  This is in stark contrast to “fast fashion,” which is notorious for having an environmentally-harmful production process. The abundance of fast fashion products also creates a surplus of inventory, which eventually ends up in landfills.

So, those who are environmentally conscious should keep this fact in mind. Many people mistakenly assume that designer brands don’t provide sustainable fashion options.

How to Purchase

When purchasing a designer handbag, you have a few options. Primarily, you can purchase the bag directly from the brand itself. This is the path with the least resistance.  Designer brands offer flexible payment and shipping options. You also don’t have to worry about purchasing an inauthentic product. If possible, it’s recommended to go to the store itself so you can inspect the bag.  Feel the material and take a look for quality concerns. Using reseller websites is your next option.  

These platforms help connect buyers with previously-owned products. Although these products aren’t brand-new, they’re often in great condition. You can also find designer handbags at locations that sell vintage clothing.  There’s always a chance that someone getting rid of their possessions may sell or donate the designer bag to a vintage clothing store. It’s also not uncommon for the store to hardly mark up the bag in price. You might end up getting a $2,000 bag for $500, for example.  Of course, designer products in good condition will fly off the shelves in places like these. No matter where you purchase your bag from, check the reputation of the vendor. This will help you avoid working with scam artists who aim to sell you counterfeit products.

Purchasing Designer Handbags Is Simple

As long as you look for deals and know how to avoid scams, you’ll find that purchasing designer handbags is much easier than you anticipated. From here, you can make the most of the product you buy and still have extra cash left over.

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