6 Cake Baking Mistakes That Most First Time Bakers Make

To see success as a baker, it is vital to understand what went wrong when something goes amiss in the kitchen. When you bake, it is essential to know that there is so much that you can do to better your skills and ensure that you always end up with a winning product. However, there are also an array of mistakes that bakers make, which can directly impact the quality of the end product. To ensure that you always make a perfect cake, we have some tips that you could use. Let us get started and address these tips one by one. 

Follow the recipe well.

It may seem like an obvious tip, right? However, when we give you tips on cake baking, we cannot miss out on this one. Why? Despite it being one of the most recommended tips, people still ignore it. 

‘Unfortunately, the problem that most amateur bakers do is they substitute the ingredients in the recipe with what they have in their pantry. People tend to reduce the sugar, sub on the eggs, using baking soda over baking powder, going for a liquid sweetener over a dry one, using all-purpose flour instead of cake flour, adding only egg whites, instead of the whole eggs, among other things. When you replace the ingredients in the recipe, you cannot expect the same outcome. So, in this manner, all you do is sabotage your time, money, effort, and ingredients. In all honesty, I have done that too, and would not recommend it to anyone,’ comments Jennifer, an educator who offers do my assignment for me services for students. 

At times, people are in the rush while baking and do not pay attention to the details, or they may substitute one ingredient with another when they run out of the required ingredient. However, please understand that you need certain ingredients in specific quantities for a reason. So, in most cases, your cake fails because you fail to adhere to the recipe.  

Pick the right tin size.

‘See, if you are a newbie baker, you must try to keep every measurement the same as the recipe you are following. It also applies to the utensils you are using. So, when you pick the tin, ensure that it is the same size as mentioned in the recipe. If not, adjust your cooking time and ingredients accordingly,’ comments Drake, an educator who offers do my English homework services. 

Line the tin well

When you are lining the tin, you must use parchment paper because it is non-stick. You can use oil dusted with flour or softened butter with flour for lining the tin. However, it is recommended to curtail the fat you used for lining. The more fat you use, the greater are your chances of frying the cake sides. Please bear in mind that some cakes have a longer cooking time, such as a rich fruit cake. In this case, you must wrap the tin’s outside too with a string and brown paper. This will ensure that the edges do not burn. 

Always add some crunch.

‘I like an extra crunch on my cake. So, if I am making a banana cake, or an applesauce cake, or any cake for that matter, I always generously sprinkle granulated coconut and sugar and chopped nuts before putting the cake in the oven. It always helps me get a crunchy topping for my cake, shares Beth, an educator who offers online do my online exam services. 

Scrape the bowl

When you are mixing the different ingredients in your cake batter, it is essential to stir well to ensure all the ingredients are evenly mixed across the batter. At times thicker ingredients, such as butter or coffee, or flour, might concentrate at the bottom or on the side. This will make one part of the cake have more of the said ingredient. Hence, it is essential to evenly mix the ingredients in the bowl with a silicone spatula. 

If there are holes in your problem, you have a problem.

At times, you may notice tunnels or holes in your cake. This can indicate an underlying problem, especially for people who intend to slice the cake horizontally. Usually, holes indicate improper mixing or perhaps over mixing. The best thing to conceal the holes is using frosting. However, preventing the holes is still important. To avoid getting holes or tunnels in the cake, you must ensure that you are using the right mixing method. 

For instance, if you follow a recipe that recommends hand mixing, but you still use a blender to mix, it might result in a problem if you mix it for as long as the chef mixes it. It is because mixing in a hand blender is faster. So, your mixing time should be lesser than the chef’s time. Standing mixers work very well. However, they tend to mix hastily. Hence, to ensure thorough mixing, you must ensure that all the ingredients that you will use in the cake are kept at room temperature beforehand. 

So, these are the six key mistakes that amateur bakers usually make. Have you made these mistakes too? Share your experience in the comments below. 

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