Simply Stunning: 7 Ways to Upgrade Wooden Garage Doors

Did you know that the exterior of your home tells a lot about you? By taking extra time to make your exterior shine, you’re showing the world what you value. And having clean and refurbished wooden garage doors is a great place to start!

Before starting this project, make sure you have all the supplies you need. It’s a good idea to borrow or ask friends for the tools you don’t have.

This is a worthy project to undertake this winter, as you know the value it brings to your home. Here are a few ideas you can consider when upgrading your wooden garage doors:

1. Change or Repair the Bottom Seal

One way to upgrade garage doors is to change or repair the bottom seal. A seal on the bottom can help keep wildlife and pests from attempting to enter the garage and can help to keep cold air out, especially during the winter months. Additionally, a seal on the bottom can keep leaves and other debris from entering the garage, which minimizes maintenance and helps keep the garage organizing looking its best.

It also helps to make the garage look more appealing again and increases its curb appeal. Before choosing a specific seal, make sure it fits, is easy to install, and is durable.

Additionally, be sure to measure the exact size and shape of the garage door to ensure the best and most secure seal that can be used to upgrade the bottom of the door. With minimal investment and effort, the bottom seal of a wooden garage door can be upgraded for improved security, aesthetics, and performance.

2. Add Insulation

Insulation can be added through the use of a thermal wrap or a foam core. The thermal wrap is a layer of self-sticking polystyrene that wraps around the existing door panels. The foam core is inserted between the existing garage door panels, providing an extra layer of insulation.

In both cases, the addition of insulation can reduce energy costs, as well as reduce noise and dust from entering the garage. Furthermore, any gaps or cracks in the door can be filled in with foam core insulation. As a result, it improves the aesthetic of the garage door and improves the security of the garage.

3. Install a New Motor

A new motor will lift and close the garage door with the push of a button, providing convenience and safety. It also allows you to control the speed at which the door opens and closes, making it easier to avoid accidental trapping of fingers or limbs.

The motor can also be programmed to close the door automatically, and this can be set with a timer or triggered by a security system. Another important benefit to installing a new motor is it allows for electromagnetic locking systems to be installed, which cannot be defeated by ordinary force or tampering, adding an additional layer of safety for your carport entryway.

4. Add Decorative Panels

You have a plethora of options to choose from to match the look and feel of your exterior style and landscape. Some materials used to make decorative panels include vinyl, various types of wood, metal mesh, and other materials.

The panels can be plain, painted, etched, gilded, or faux stained. Decorative panels are easy to install, and you can choose to do them yourself or hire a contractor to do the job. It provides an extra layer of security as they are tamper-proof and have a strong locking system.

5. Paint or Stain the Door

Painting or staining a wooden garage door is one way to upgrade its appearance. It is a low-cost and relatively easy project that can take a few days or even a weekend to complete. When deciding which treatment to choose, it is important to consider the weather exposure the door will have.

Paint is a good option for harsher climates, while staining is a good option for areas with more temperate weather. It is also important to select a paint or stain that is designed for outdoor use, as it will be more resistant to fading, chipping, and peeling.

Be sure to apply several coats of paint or stains to ensure great protection. If you need the best paint job assistance, you can visit a website like Johnsonspecialtypainters.com.

6. Replacing Existing Garage Door Windows

The windows can increase the curb appeal of the garage, allowing natural light to enter the space, but also providing a place to hang decorations and enhance the appearance of the entranceway. Additionally, replacing the windows can improve energy efficiency, as modern windows are designed to offer better insulation and protection from the elements.

New garage door windows could also improve safety as new window materials may be more secure and provide increased security compared to existing windows. Lastly, replacing existing windows is an easy task requiring no major renovations to the existing structure, and it is often a cost-effective way to spruce up the look and energy efficiency of a wooden garage door system.

7. Upgrade Hardware Finishes

There are a variety of finishes available, from brass to chrome, and you can choose to replace all the existing hardware with new finishes or select pieces. Replacing existing knobs and handles with new styles will update the look of the door. Depending on the style of door you have, you may also consider replacing hinges and adding decorative accents.

With this minor investment, you can improve the appeal of your door and make it stand out from the rest. As an added bonus, stronger hardware with better finishes will also help to ensure durability and make it more resistant to being forced open.

Get Inspired and Explore These Wonderful Wooden Garage Doors Upgrades

Simply stunning wooden garage doors add character and charm to any home. Upgrading your wooden garage door is a great way to increase the value of your home and make a statement.

With seven ways to upgrade your wooden garage door, you can tailor it to meet the style and aesthetic of your home. Start enhancing your wooden garage door today by trying out a few of these ideas.

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