Runwal Avenue Review

Because of the issues, I was experiencing in my previous apartment building; I spent a considerable amount of time searching the neighbourhood for a new place I could call home. I was looking for a little apartment that didn’t skimp on comfort, and I eventually found the perfect one. The most excellent way to get a feel for what it’s like to live in an urban environment is to rent an apartment on Runwal Avenue. It is the ideal combination of desirable amenities, such as vast green areas, high-street attractions, and desired levels of comfort. There are 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments available at this property. According to the area plan, the square footage of the units ranges from 401.0 to 759.0 square feet. The location’s charms piqued my interest, but before deciding, I wanted to consider my available alternatives thoroughly. The apartments had a lot of space and were flooded with natural light. In addition, everything, from the dormitory rooms to the flats, has been meticulously thought out and constructed to reflect a contemporary style.


When looking for a new home, one of my most important considerations is neighbourhood amenities. There is a luxurious and dignified atmosphere in each tower’s entry lobby, which is one of the features of each building. The structure at Runwal Avenue Pune has been designed to provide world-class living facilities such as convenience shops, open green views, a creche, a multipurpose court, a yoga pavilion, a kids’ play area, an activity area, and a senior citizen corner. Rainwater harvesting, preservation, and energy management systems are also implemented to conserve natural resources and safeguard our world.

Reasons To Purchase an Apartment at Runwal Avenue

Advantages Associated with The Location

Because of the excellent connectivity on Runwal Avenue, I decided to purchase a home in this neighbourhood. The project connects every essential landmark, such as great road, rail, and forthcoming metro connections, to the excellent site of Kanjurmarg, the most critical part of the neighbourhood. This will be improved further by a transaction centre for four metro lines designed at less than one kilometre from the Avenue. By this point, building work had begun on Metro lines 4 and 6. In addition, the nearest train station is just 300 metres away, and the project is located near many main highways, including the JVLR and the eastern express route.

Price of The Apartments

Apartments at Runwal avenue may be had for prices ranging from INR 80.80 Lac to INR 1.28 Crores, which are both affordable and reasonable. Runwal Avenue provides exceptional value for the money thanks to the broad list of facilities and the convenient property location. The purchase of my property was a brilliant deal given that it cost me just 98.80 Lac.

Spacious Apartments

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with 1045 square feet and two bedrooms was just the right size for me. A large quantity of interior space could be utilised effectively due to the thoughtful design of the floor plan. The rooms are a good size, and there is plenty of space even after the essentials have been accounted for in each room’s layouts.

Buying a property in Kanjurmarg East within the budget has been a fortunate incident in my life. My family and I are satisfied with the decision to buy a property on Runwal Avenue, and I hope your experience will be good as well. If you are also searching for properties in Mumbai, check verified property listings on NoBroker before visiting the site.  


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