5 Signs You Need a Website Redesign

We’re past the days of basic websites. People have gotten used to excellent web design and now use it to gauge a business’s trustworthiness. And when 59% of people prefer to browse beautiful websites, you can’t take website design lightly.

Are you wondering if your website design is doing enough to convince people to buy from your business? Read the guide below to learn when investing in a website redesign makes sense.

1. Inconsistent Design

Branding is vital on the internet and in physical locations. Customers expect a consistent experience across all your platforms. If your website has several web design elements that don’t match, it hurts your brand cohesion.

Your entire website and social media accounts need the same brand guidelines. If you don’t have a cohesive design, you must prioritize website development.

2. No Responsiveness

Some web designers take the easy route and only design for desktop devices. They don’t take the time to test their designs on different screen sizes to see how they look. Doing this is a mistake in today’s market.

Much of your internet traffic will likely come from mobile devices. You need a responsive design to accommodate those people and give them a great experience. If your website doesn’t look good on smaller screens, you have some design changes to make.

3. Slow Loading

Speed is of the essence on the internet today. People have countless options available, so why would they waste time on your website when many others are available?

This is even more important for mobile users on slow internet connections. If someone can’t quickly find what they want, they’ll hit the back button and go elsewhere. Be sure your website design is fast to keep people on your page.

4. Low Conversions

It’s not enough to have a fantastic website design. The goal of your website is to convert visitors to customers. A design is useless if that doesn’t happen.

You’ll need to think about a redesign if your website isn’t providing a great result. In cases like this, it makes sense to work with an agency like Sage Marketing Solutions to get advice on the best changes to make for conversions.

5. Difficult Navigation

A site that looks great isn’t worth much if people can’t use it. Some designers focus so much on creating something beautiful that they forget people need to use a website.

If you have a problem with people finding their way around your site, it’s probably time for a new website design. You can still make your site look visually appealing. But you also need to make it easy to use.

Don’t Wait to Invest in a Website Redesign

Your website plays a vital role in your business these days. Now that most people search the internet for information before buying something, you can’t afford to have zero presence. But you also need to offer a great experience if you want to offer an excellent first impression and convince people to buy.

That’s why you can’t afford to wait another day to invest in a website redesign. Talk to a website redesign agency today to get the website makeover your business deserves.

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