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Lisa Loud is the vital character in the loudest house. She is the most intelligent and brilliant among her family. Several people are curious about knowing Lisa Loud, so here we make ourselves familiar with Lisa Loud.

Who is Lisa Loud?

Lisa Loud can be just actually a young child prodigy and talented child with a Ph.D. but is now in kindergarten with her option.
lisa loud

Lisa Loud can be just actually a young child prodigy and talented child with a Ph.D. but is now in kindergarten with her option.

But she’s presently in 1st tier at the time of “Schooled!”.

Lisa loud loves solving complex equations, mathematics issues, and performing complex experiments at which she regularly uses her oblivious siblings and Clyde as test areas.  Lisa frequently uses formal and thorough terms to refer to basic things before saying them in layman’s terms. 

She regularly is commonly rather reckless and dishonest with her experiments, however, is a goodhearted girl right down to her heart. A running gag is that some of Lisa loud’s beakers full of chemical blends have a tendency to burst, which arouses many alterations inside her human body such as intermittent mutations. She’s also a fan of west coast rap music and it is very good at break dancing. 

Despite her wisdom, Lisa greatly fights with simple things such as crafts and art thanks to becoming caked palms and forming friendships with other folks. Several of Lisa’s creations contain but aren’t confined by a range of robots, even Gloweos that a Urine Detector liquid that removes pee from the bodies of water, Spicy Shoes which empower her to walk the ceiling. Even a chocolate fountain which started as an atomic fusion device until she fell her chocolate bar init a reinforcement machine utilized to suit two different people, robotic kangaroo legs to proceed with Lisa and also Lily’s shared kangaroo costume.

 Even lie-detecting cameras which worked too well, and also a compound identification system.

Is Lucy loud adopted?

There are many rumors about this question is Lucy loud adopted? Some people opine that she is not adopted but others say that she is adopted.

A whole good deal of individuals has said Lincoln is also, however, Lucy has more compared with all the family.

For example, Lucy has black hair, and nobody in your household does. There are different things Lucy needs to comparison with the others of your family, consequently, Lucy is embraced, not Lincoln.

Who is the smartest in the Loud House?

Isa is just actually a wise girl.  She had been created a genius. 

She’s marginally manipulative and dull but has a great heart.  She often penalizes her sisters and Darcy, but she loves her siblings quite definitely.  She’s the next youngest in her loved ones.


Lisa has a special personality.  She’s exceptionally intelligent and likes to perform lots of science experiments.

She’s also very devious and enjoys strategy a lot.  

She’s also rather resourceful and so is now ready to devise something for the larger good.

How old is Lisa Loud? And other characters?

List of the Loud family characters:

ImagesNameVoice actorDescriptionAge
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Lincoln-Loud.pngLincoln LoudSean Ryan Fox (pilot); Grant Palmer (episodes 101a-122b); Collin Dean (episodes 123a-318a) Tex Hammond (episodes 318b-421b) Asher Bishop (episode 423a-onwards)The series’ protagonist, an (11-year-old in seasons 1 through 4, and 12-year-old in season 5 and onwards) boy who is the only son and middle kid in his family.11 (S1-4)
12 (S5-onwards)
Lori LoudCatherine TaberThe oldest sister in the family and the deuteragonist. She is a sassy and cynical teenager who bosses her siblings around and is often calling or texting her boyfriend Bobby on her smartphone.17 (S1-4)
18 (S5-onwards)
Leni LoudLiliana MumyThe second-oldest sister in the family. She is kind-hearted, but also not very bright.16 (S1-4)
17 (S5-onwards)
Luna LoudNika FuttermanThe third-oldest sister in the family. She is a free-spirited musician with an interest in rock and roll music.15 (S1-4)
16 (S5-onwards)
Luan LoudCristina PucelliThe fourth-oldest sister in the family. She is a funny (fourteen-year-old in seasons 1 through 4, and fifteen-year-old in season 5 and onwards) comedic prankster.14 (S1-4)
15 (S5-onwards)
Lynn Loud Jr.Jessica DiCiccoThe fifth-oldest sister in the family. She is an athletic 13-year old in seasons 1 through 4, and 14-year old in season 5 and onwards.13 (S1-4)
14 (S5-onwards)
Lucy LoudJessica DiCiccoThe fifth-youngest sister in the family. Lucy is an goth girl with a tendency to suddenly appear in places, which often frightens her siblings.8 (S1-4)
9 (S5-onwards)
Lana LoudGrey GriffinThe fourth-youngest of the sisters, and the older of the family’s two twin girls, who enjoys playing in mud and is also an expert mechanic.6 (S1-4)
7 (S5-onwards)
Lola LoudGrey GriffinLana’s polar-opposite identical twin sister. Lola is a spoiled brat who frequently participates in junior pageants.6 (S1-4)
7 (S5-onwards)
Lisa LoudLara Jill MillerThe second-youngest sister in the family who, despite her young age, is very smart.4 (S1-4)
5 (S5-onwards)
Lily LoudGrey GriffinThe youngest sister in the family. She is only fifteen months old, and her diaper has a foul smell, which she takes off mostly.15 months (S1-4)
2 (S5-onwards)
Rita Loud and Lynn Loud Sr.Jill Talley and Brian StepanekThe parents of the Loud family. Both of their faces were never seen onscreen in the first season, eventually being revealed in “11 Louds a Leapin'”.Over 40 (S1-4)
Over 41 (S5-onwards)
AlbertFred WillardThe maternal grandfather of the Loud children. He resides at Sunset Canyon Retirement Home and enjoys hanging out with all of his grandchildren.60-70
RuthGrey GriffinThe great-aunt of the Loud children, whom she asks to watch her cats, eat old moldy pudding that she offers, and to massage her feet every time they visit her, much to their annoyance.69
List of the Loud family characters

Lisa Loud:

The second-youngest sister in your household, despite her young age, is very wise.

Lincoln Loud:

The main character of the series is a boy (11 years old, 1 to 4 years old, and 5 years old and then 12 years old) who is the only son and middle child in his family.

Lori Loud:

Lori Loud could be your 17-year-old eldest child of the family (18-year-old season 5 ahead).

She’s named after an of Savion’s five sisters. 

Lori maybe your roommate of her husband Leni, however, she isn’t anymore because she currently attends Fairway University at “Schooled!”

Leni Loud:

Leni Loud could be your 16-year-old 2nd child of the family (17-year-old season 5 ahead). 

Leni is named after the personality Lennie Small, a mentally-challenged however compassionate and strong and inquisitive company of George Milton at John Steinbeck’s novella of Mice and Men.

Luna Loud:

Luna Loud could be your 15-year-old third child in the family, (16-year-old season 5 ahead).  She’s named after a puppy dachshund Chris Savion’s mother-in-law possessed.

Luan Loud:

Luan Loud Will Be Your 14-year-old fourth child of the family, (15-year-old season 5 Ahead), the Hive of Luna, Also Can Be Called after one of Savion’s five Sisters.

Lynn Loud Jr:

Lynn Loud Jr.   Is your 13-year-old (14-year-old year 5 ahead) athletic fifth kid of the family, who’s also called after one of Savion’s five sisters (Lynn)

Lana Loud:

Lana Loud could be your 6-year-old (7-year-old season 5 (“Strife of the Party”) ahead) eighth child of the family, and can be also called after one of Savion’s five sisters. 

Lana may be the same twin sister of her roommate Lola and has been created just two moments before her revelation from the episode “Ties That Bind”.

Lola Loud:

Lola Loud could be your 6-year-old (7-year-old season 5 ahead) ninth child of the family and the equivalent twin sister of the roommate Lana.

Lynn Loud Sr.

Lynn Loud Sr.    Maybe your dad of those children whose whole face is hidden before the incident”1-1 Louds that a Leapin'” at the 2nd season.  Lynn Sr.

Rita loud:

Rita Loud maybe your mum of those Loud kiddies, whose whole face is hidden before the incident”1-1 Louds that a Leapin'” at the next season.

The Loud house Lisa:


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