How to Start an Art Collection

People in the United States love fine and digital art, with millions of adults in the US visiting the most popular and prominent art galleries nationwide. Gaining an appreciation for art often leads to the desire to start an art collection of your own. The challenge is learning how to begin and determining which art types to add to your collection.

The two most popular art forms for collectors are digital art and fine art, with NFTs gaining prominence in the 21st century. No matter what type of art calls to you, it’s critical to know how to start a collection for your home.

The good news is that you’ve discovered this helpful guide for learning how and where to find collectible art within your budget. Continue reading to build an art collection others will envy!

Trust Your Instinct

The best way to start an art collection is by purchasing a piece that you love looking at. You want to pick out art you’ll love looking at when it’s hanging on your walls at home. Ask yourself if you could live without it; if the answer is no, you should purchase it for your collection.

Follow Your Favorite Artists

It’s also wise to follow your favorite artists on social media to keep up with their latest pieces. Instagram is becoming a critical forum for up-and-coming and established artists to show off their work and engage with fans and potential customers. You can discover emerging artists at local art fairs and festivals and pick out collectible art to take home.

Consider Original Prints

Original prints are another option when collecting art for your home or personal gallery. Major artists produce original prints that are sold through non-profits at affordable prices.

You won’t need to destroy your bank account to add collectible art to your walls. Visit to collect NFTs and other rare pieces of art.

Invest in Frames

Frames make any piece of art look like a collectible. Simple is always the best approach when picking out frames for your collectibles and fine art. The focus should always be on the art piece rather than the surrounding frame.

Move Art Around

Finding the perfect spot in your home for your art is critical when you collect art. Place your favorite pieces next to other fine art to see how they work together.

Small works of art look fantastic next to small pieces of furniture. Try grouping your favorite pieces next to each other to see their effects on your interior decor.

Create Your Art Collection Today

Starting an art collection is as simple as attending a local art festival and following your favorite artists on social media. Find art that calls to your heart and ask yourself if you can live without it when buying. Move the art around your home to see how it corresponds with other pieces and furniture to create the perfect interior aesthetic.

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