How to Keep Morale High During Issues Due to Short Staffing

No matter how much your employees work hard, you may have a challenging time if everyone’s morale is low due to short staffing.

Employee morale is an intrinsic, emotional, and psychological state in an organization. It can be affected by working conditions, benefits, management strategies, and more.

So as a leader and an organization, you have to ensure that you take the right steps to ensure that high employee morale is kept at all times.

But how? Stick with us as we share the must-have tactics that we’ve discovered to help enhance your employee morale.

Educate Staff on Necessary Changes

All staff should understand the entirety of the situation and how best to handle it. It is always helpful to begin by expressing the need for support and cooperation by all staff when dealing with decreased staff levels. Then, explain the specific changes that need to be made.

Give examples of how the changes will positively impact the organization. Explain exactly how to execute the changes and articulate the urgency of these changes.

Then, explain how you are trying to solve the problem. Give your staff a timeline of when the candidate recruiting manager will be able to find another employee.

Have an Open Dialogue

You need to keep staff feeling informed and respected during any difficult time. Allowing staff to speak up and provide input helps them to feel valued and included.

Having an open dialogue can also improve problem-solving. By listening to the staff’s ideas, helpful solutions can be found.

Provide a comfortable space for discussion, and remind staff that this is a team effort. Show respect and understanding, and ensure everyone feels heard.

Create Forgiving Schedules

Breaking the schedule up into easier-to-manage shifts shows your appreciation for their efforts. You can also remove possible scheduling stressors by providing changes in the timing and duration of shifts as needed. Or you can also allow your staff to self-schedule shifts at their convenience.

Reward Individuals for Their Hard Work

You need to reward employees for their hard work, as this shows appreciation for their efforts and increases motivation. Incentives can come in the form of verbal praise, flex time, additional vacation privileges, or tangible items such as small gifts.

It could even be as simple as handing out recognition awards during company meetings. You can give out certificates or gratitude notes.

Organize Social Activities

Organizing social activities is one way to avoid staff burnout when you have a short staff. So you should brainstorm activities for staff to do together outside of work.

Group outings, team-building activities, and volunteer projects can help build relationships between coworkers. And it can break up the monotony of the workday.

Social activities also give staff something to look forward to and are a good way to show appreciation for their hard work. So make sure to provide food and drinks at these events to encourage participation.

Avoid Low Morale Due to Short Staffing With Our Tips

Maintaining team morale and productivity when short-staffed can be challenging. But, implementing clear communication and celebrating successes can keep morale high.

So if you have an office with low morale due to short staffing, don’t let it stay that way. Follow our tips above and cheer up your short-handed staff.

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