How to Create a Beautiful Backyard Patio on a Budget

Experts estimate that a well-constructed patio can yield over 100 percent return on your investment. Not only will your new backyard patio increase your property value, but it will give you a beautiful space where you can spend time and make memories.

Keep reading to learn about basic backyard ideas that will make your backyard patio the go-to place on your property.

Light It Up

The way you light your patio will make or break the ambiance. Look into strings of light to highlight your backyard decor. Consider solar footpath lights that will soften the look and save your utility bill as well.

New Backyard Patio Furniture

Patio furniture costs can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Your creativity and comfort needs ultimately determine your cost.

Begin designing the patio with the furniture in mind. Create a focal point for the patio. Typically, patio owners will use the fire pit or fireplace as their focal point.

Then build your furniture around this focal point. If you want to stay on track with your budget, plan on a combination of pieces. Maybe you want homemade wood pallet furniture around the fire pit and then a sun lounger or two in the open areas near your pool.

New furniture can spruce up a patio and create an entirely different look.

Surface Changes

If you are creating an entirely new space, consider the surface materials you can use. Here are a few common options that require sweat equity but not much cash:

  • Packed gravel: affordable and easy to install
  • Crushed stone: tamped down, this makes for a great solid surface
  • Pavers: place these over the tamped base material
  • Concrete forms: clever forms can look like stones or bricks and can even take on color and stain

Any one of these surfaces will create a finished, beautiful patio for little cost. Installing an edging is the key to creating a finished outdoor patio look. Landscape edging, treated wood, and bricks all work well to create a crisp finish.

Drastic and Doable Revamps

Small changes like a surface change, new backyard patio furniture, or new lighting help you recreate a space without much cost. There are other major renovations you can complete if you’re handy with a saw and hammer.

  • Patio pergola attached to the house: create and attach an airy pergola for cheap with a few pieces of lumber
  • Clear pergola roof: attach a clear roof to an existing pergola to create a space that will withstand rain
  • Outdoor kitchen: move your grill and then build some exterior cabinets and countertops to create that perfect outdoor kitchen

You can use a combination of shelters as you create your space. Umbrellas and pergolas create the shade you need to drastically revamp your outdoor patio.

Revamp Your Backyard Patio

Creating a backyard patio does not have to break the bank. You can create a backyard patio by reconsidering the surface area, creating both comfortable and functional furniture, and lighting the space purposefully.

When you add these changes to the sweat equity of building a pergola or creating an outdoor kitchen, you have a winning space.

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