A Guide to NA Coins for Recovery Milestones

Are you or a loved one entering an in-patient or out-patient recovery program? Are you searching for a recovery tool that will help motivate you to get clean? For many, this journey is difficult to start alone.

Many recovering addicts find success in recovery through the use of NA Coins

NA Coins are medallions, tokens, or other similar gifts that are given to recovering addicts each time they complete a recovery milestone.

Have you been searching for an effective recovery program? Have you been searching for a guide on how to use NA Coins in recovery?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our guide to how NA Coins work, why you should use them in recovery, and how you can purchase them from the official Narcotics Anonymous website!

An Introduction to NA Coins

NA coins are collectors’ coins made of noble metals such as platinum, silver, and gold. They can generally be divided into circulating coins, commemorative coins, and numismatic coins.

Circulating coins are often produced for official currency use only, while commemorative coins are issued to commemorate a special event, such as the 100th anniversary of a country’s founding.

Numismatic coins are those issued to commemorate a country’s history or culture and usually have a substantial collector’s value. The physical characteristics of NA coins historically have been used by collectors to discern the age and mintage of particular coins.

By studying a coin’s characteristics such as date of issue, weight, and diameter, collectors can identify important coins that could prove to be valuable investments.

Different Types of NA Coins

North American coins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and values. There are five official denominations of coinage: penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar. Coins with different designs and updated appearances regularly replace the old ones in circulation, making it easy to collect many different types of North American coins.

Special Edition coins such as circulating commemoratives, silver coins, gold coins, and other numismatics are highly collectible and are often worth more than their face value. The United States Mint also releases special sets that contain different types of coins that can be used for collecting or gift-giving.

Collecting coins can be both challenging and rewarding as each coin adds to the overall value and look of any collection. With many different denominations and sizes to be found, many North American coins are worth more than their face value and can make an interesting hobby.

How to Obtain NA Coins

One of the primary ways to obtain NA coins is to purchase them through an exchange. These exchanges list NA coins as well as other digital currencies. There are various types of exchanges for different cryptocurrencies, so it is important to find one that deals in the coins you are looking to acquire.

It is also important to take into consideration the trading fees as well as any other applicable charges for your particular exchange. Additionally, NA coins can be earned through mining or by accepting them as payment in exchange for goods or services. Depending on the activity, individuals may be able to earn NA coins without any cost.

Once obtained, NA coins can either be stored on the exchange or transferred to a specific wallet. Depending on security preferences, an individual may choose a wallet that is hosted on the exchange or an offline wallet, like a hardware wallet, for added safety.

Places to Buy NA Coins

Places to buy NA coins are very popular with coin collectors. Coin dealers typically have a wide selection of coins from a variety of countries available for purchase. Some popular dealers include the United States Mint, Euro Gold and Silver, and Coin InvestTrust.

Additionally, most local coin stores offer a selection of coins from North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Online auction sites such as eBay also have a vast selection of coins from a variety of regions, including North America.

Coin collectors may also find dealers who specialize in selling rare and valuable coins from North America. One such dealer is Coins of the Realm, which specializes in exotic coins from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

Buying coins from multiple sources can provide a wide selection of coins with a variety of values, making it a great way to start building a coin collection.

How to Use NA Coins to Mark Recovery Milestones

NA Coins are an effective and tangible way to mark and celebrate recovery milestones. Recovery milestones refer to the goals you set during your recovery from addiction.

To use NA coins, first, familiarize yourself with your local NA chapter meetings and events. It is important to make sure you know the rules for earning and exchanging coins. This is typically done by attending meetings, working with sponsors, and working on recovery goals.

You can present an NA coin to someone else, to acknowledge their accomplishments. And finally, exchange your NA coins. Depending on the type of coin and the amount of service provided, you can be rewarded with more coins.

Recognizing the Value of NA Coins

Recognizing the value of NA coins is an important part of coin collecting for any beginner or advanced collector. Not only is recognizing the worth of NA coins a formidable task, but it can also be a rewarding one.

While other coins may possess higher grade values, NA coins are often overlooked as a viable option and are yet to be discovered by historians and numismatists. Thus, their recognition is becoming more and more popular and collectors are beginning to take notice.

Not to mention, NA coins may hold great potential about their value, depending on the grade. What’s more, it is a unique opportunity for numismatists to explore new territory and make informed decisions about their collections.

Learn All About NA Coins

The NA coins for recovery milestones are a wonderful source of motivation and hope for those in recovery. By joining a recovery group and following their guidelines, you can take the necessary steps towards recovery.

Taking your recovery milestones one day at a time can help to keep you focused and motivated. Join a NA recovery group today to start your path to success!

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