6 Reasons to Add Solar Thermal Technology to Your Home

Since 2018, the demand for solar power in the United States has been growing by more than 20% every single year. In 2023, experts predict that this industry will generate more than $20 billion! There are now more than 700 businesses around the country that provide solar power for homes and businesses.

As demand for solar power increases, so does demand for solar thermal technology systems. At the same time, not everyone is familiar with the difference between solar panels and solar thermal systems.

However, it is worth understanding more about solar thermal products and the benefits that they can provide for your home. Whether you want to cut down on waste or save money, solar thermal technology might be the right solution for you.

Read on to learn all about the biggest reasons to enjoy solar thermal technology at your home!

1. Solar Thermal Technology Helps the Environment

One of the biggest reasons that people invest in solar thermal systems is to help the environment. Like solar panels, solar thermal products provide their benefits without creating greenhouse gases. That can decrease your carbon footprint and help slow down the advancement of the greenhouse effect.

On top of that, your solar thermal system will not produce pollution as a byproduct. As good as that is for the environment, it will also provide benefits for you close to home. It will make your water heating system cleaner and safer as well.

2. Solar Energy Can Help You Cut Costs

Just as a solar panel system can help you save money, so can a solar thermal system. These systems use the power of the Sun to create hot water for your home.

Most people do not know much about how difficult it is to heat water. It takes a huge quantity of energy to take cool or cold water and warm it up to the hot temperatures that we have learned to enjoy in our homes. All of that energy has to be paid for unless you have a solar thermal system.

When you get your hot water from a solar thermal system, you can cut down on your energy consumption. By consuming less energy, you can also lower your total energy costs.

3. Solar Thermal Systems Are Becoming More Valuable

In recent months and years, you might have noticed your energy bills getting higher and higher. Due to international unrest and other causes, energy has become less available than it was in the past. There are also some signs that energy will continue to become more expensive in the years to come.

That means that saving money by decreasing energy consumption is becoming a more and more powerful way to cut costs.

Of course, decreasing your energy consumption also means that the power you don’t purchase will be available for your neighbors. That means that you will slightly decrease the total demand for energy. That will make power slightly more affordable for your neighbors.

The more people find ways to harness the power of the Sun for their own homes, the easier will be for everyone else to get the energy they need via traditional means.

4. Solar Thermal Tech Is Efficient

A lot of people are shocked when they discover how efficient solar thermal systems are. Most solar panels only operate at about 15% efficiency. That means that your solar panel system will be unable to capture about 85% of the energy of the Sun that falls on it.

However, solar thermal systems manage to convert about 80% of radiation into heat energy. But how can solar thermal systems be so much more efficient than solar panels?

The main reason is that solar panels have a more difficult conversion job to do. They have to convert the energy of the Sun into electricity.

In contrast, solar thermal systems only need to convert the energy of the Sun into heat energy. This allows them to offer much higher efficiency rates.

5. Solar Thermal Provides Plentiful Hot Water

Most people have grown up used to the idea that they should not use too much hot water. However, once you get a solar thermal system, you will have some new habits to learn. Because these systems are so efficient, you will have all the hot water you need at an incredibly low price.

In the winter, it will require more energy to heat the cold water up to a comfortable temperature. However, even then you can use much more hot water than you are used to while still enjoying lower costs.

6. Solar Thermal Systems Are Easy to Install

When people find out about the advantages of solar thermal systems, they often get excited about installing one in their own homes. However, some people are concerned that their homes might not be suitable for a solar thermal system.

The good news is that it is easy to incorporate solar thermal systems into the existing water heating systems of your home. That means that almost any home is suitable for a solar thermal system. A quality provider like Skyline Solar Power can help you enjoy solar thermal tech in your home!

Enjoy the Top Benefits of Solar Thermal Tech at Home

Many people are amazed when they learn about all of the many benefits that solar thermal technology can provide for a home. As energy prices go up, people are getting more interested in how solar technology can help them bring expenses down. Investing in solar thermal tech today will provide you with cost savings for many years to come.

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