7 Ideas for Alternative Traveling

Try These Alternative Forms of Traveling

Flying all over the world must be one of the best ways to traverse the globe, but it’s not the only way. Traveling does your soul, body, and mind good because you get to see and do a range of things you otherwise wouldn’t. Think about it this way: it opens you up to different cultures, ethnic groups, food, and even cultural sites. Remember that the best time to travel is now; try not to wait years unless you are saving up for it. And also keep in mind that being a tourist isn’t the only way to travel. Let’s look at seven ideas for alternative traveling. 

Cruise the seas

Most people love the ocean, but once you’ve explored the open seas via a cruise ship, you won’t see the sea the same anymore. So why is it so cool to go on a cruise? Well, you are basically living, or rather, vacationing, on the water. You get to eat, drink, and sleep on board, and be soothed by fresh ocean air. But that’s not all. Most cruise ships come with a range of activities, such as casinos, games rooms, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, cinemas, and even spas. It’s like a city on water, but so much cooler than you might think! 

Alternative Forms of Traveling


If you have the time, a great way to travel is to volunteer with an organization. Many travelers opt to visit developing countries where volunteer staff is needed for housing, hospitals, schools, and even parks. Not only will you get a cultural experience, but you will also get to understand the intricacies of a developing nation. These experiences are usually highly enriching and teach you a lot about life. While you will generally be helping residents build facilities such as schools, you will also get to experience firsthand what it’s like for locals living in that particular part of the world. Right now in Australia, for example, volunteers are required to help with clean-up operations due to flooding in a small town. 

Organic traveling

This might seem like a strange concept, but it really is a thing! There is an organization called WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) where you are paired with an organic farmer from across the world. WWOOF offers accommodation and food, and you get to learn new skills about organic farming and sustainability. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where you get to experience something new and get a new lease on life.  

Meditation retreats

No matter what people tell you, everyone needs to go on a meditation retreat at least once in their lives. But why? Well, simply put, they are good for the mind, body, and soul. At these retreats, you will be exposed to various forms of meditation which in turn will help you to manage your stressful lifestyle. Meditation retreats can be found all over the world and in many different settings. Check out these 11 wellness retreat trends for 2023 if you are looking to venture out in relaxation mode

Alternative Forms of Traveling

Teach English

Probably the most popular form of alternative travel. If you are a native English speaker with a degree, or if you’ve done some form of TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course, then this is a great option if you’d like to see a different part of the world. South Korea is arguably the most popular destination if you are looking to teach English. What’s great is that you are trained thoroughly and paid well. But that’s not all. Korean culture is rich, you will learn the nuances of the country, as well as get to enjoy their food and have some great times with Koreans.  

Language courses

Much like teaching English, learning a new language while traveling can be absolutely amazing. If you’ve ever dreamt of learning Spanish, you can take a trip to Spain to learn the language and fall in love with the food. But that’s not all. If you want to learn multiple languages in Europe, for example, you could take a European trip and learn each country’s language along the way! 

House Sitting

Did you know that it is possible to house-sit as a form of travel? Well, yes it is! There are millions of people all over the world who will pay you to look after their home while they travel for business or leisure. This is a great opportunity to experience a new place while not having to worry about accommodation, which can sometimes be the most expensive part of your trip. 

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