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Have you heard of Martha Stewart’s products and wondered about their origins? Popularly known as the “Queen of Domestic Arts,” this lifestyle mogul boasts an impressive resume.

She started as a model, then turned to stockbroking before venturing into authoring and publishing. One best-selling cookbook led to another; before long, Stewart was a media icon. 

Want to discover more of Stewart’s interests, like her CBD line? Keep scrolling. 

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Quick Facts

NameMartha Stewart
ProfessionTV Personality, Business Magnate, Author
Net Worth (2022)$400 million
Source of IncomeMartha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Self-Made, CBD Line
Last Updated2022

Stewart’s Early Life

Stewart was born Martha Helen Kostyra on August 3, 1941, in New Jersey, to Edward Kostyra and Martha Ruszkowski. She’s the second of six children, with her siblings being: 

  • Eric Scott (Brother)
  • Frank Kostyra (Brother)
  • George Christiansen (Brother)
  • Kathy Kostyra Evans (Sister)
  • Laura Kostyra Plimpton (Sister)

Her Polish-Catholic parents brought her up in a tiny, single-family home and exposed Stewart to different household chores. She learned sewing, gardening, and cooking, skills she mastered and converted into hobbies.

In high school, Stewart ventured into modeling and started featuring in fashion magazines and TV commercials. She later attended Barnard College to study art history. 

Stewart continued modeling in university, and in 1961, Glamour magazine named her among the top 10 best-dressed college students in America. She graduated from Barnard in 1963 and went on modeling in NYC. 

American entrepreneur, and businesswoman Rachel Moranis

Stewart’s Dating Life, Marriage, and Divorce

Martha Stewart was married to Andrew Stewart, a publisher, for 29 years before parting ways in 1987 and divorcing in 1990. Her ex-husband is the father to her only daughter, Alexis. 

Andrew was a Yale law student when they met in 1960. They were introduced on a blind date and tied the knot one year later. 

Stewart has been single since the relationship ended. She vented her dating frustrations to Chelsea Handler on her podcast, Dear Chelsea, but hasn’t given up on finding love. 

Stewart’s Career Profile

  • After birthing her daughter in 1965, Stewart quit modeling and pursued Wall Street trading. She became a stockbroker at Monness, Williams, and Sidel but left during an economic downturn in 1973.
  • She relocated to Westport, Connecticut, and purchased a 19th-century farmhouse. Stewart saw an opportunity and renovated the dilapidated building using her skills. 
  • The revamped structure became her base from which she started teaching cooking classes. 
  • In 1975, she co-founded a catering business with Norma Collier. 
  • Stewart then took on a managerial job at Market Basket while simultaneously developing Martha Stewart Inc., her own catering venture. 

She delighted her clients with homegrown ingredients, elegant menus, and creative presentations, boosting her reputation.

  • As her name grew, she became a regular contributor to local newspapers by writing gardening, food, and home decor articles. 
  • Her rise to national prominence came in 1982 when she published her first cookbook and decorating guide. It became a bestseller and thrust her into the spotlight. She later produced more literature and began hosting TV shows.
  • Later in 1987, Stewart became Kmart’s lifestyle consultant to endorse and promote an exclusive brand of home products. This profitable contract gave her more national exposure and lasted until 2004.
  • In 1990, Stewart partnered with Time Warner to steer her lifestyle magazine into more limelight. The decadelong contract saw her create books, TV programs, and videos. 
  • Stewart’s fame and fortune kept growing, and in 1997, she launched Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. The giant firm became an umbrella for her other media holdings, books, TV programs, radio shows, website, newspaper column, and mail business. 
  • The company went public in 1999, upon which its stock prices shot through the roof, making Stewart a billionaire overnight. The following year, the firm reported sales and profits to the tune of millions and continued to flourish. 
  • At the height of her fame, Stewart followed in the footsteps of other celebs. She partnered with a leading cannabis firm to launch her own CBD-infused lifestyle brand. 
  • She has authored many bestselling books on entertaining, cooking, gardening, housekeeping, decorating, and weddings.

Stewart’s CBD Line

Many celebs have CBD brands focusing on gummies, oils, and other infused products. Martha Stewart is no different. 

After building a successful media empire, Stewart ventured into the cannabis business in partnership with Canopy Growth. She aims to appeal to a broader audience by bettering their lives in diverse ways. 

Martha Stewart’s cannabis inspiration anchors on her personal experience with CBD supplements, which she uses to enhance her health and wellness. She crafts her merchandise after her favorite flavor profiles and recipes from her gardens and greenhouse.

Her top-selling Martha Stewart CBD products feature gummies, flavored oil drops, and soft gels. She even has varieties for pet owners. 

What’s the Updated Net Worth of Martha Stewart in 2022?

As of 2022, Martha Stewart has an estimated net worth of $400 million. Despite being a billionaire in 2000, courts convicted her of insider trading in 2003. This scandal negatively affected Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s stocks, and her holdings dropped significantly.

The popularity of her recent books and TV works turned her into a brand. Thanks to multifaceted Martha Stewart products, from CBD edibles to magazines and everything in between, her fortune is growing. 

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