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Marijuana has been popular in the United States for many years. Though some accounts indicate it has been here for roughly a century, many people point out that it was probably available long before the early 1900s. While cannabis was made illegal in America back in 1910, it never really left, it just became a bit more elusive than it was before. Now, with marijuana laws taking a turn, more people are gaining interest in not only purchasing it but growing their own stashes at home. Getting the most out of a cannabis crop means fully understanding the seeds that make it all possible. 

Delving into the World of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds may be tiny, but they hold a great deal of power. They’re packed with all the genetic material needed to grow into fruitful marijuana plants. Although they all look pretty much identical, not all of the seeds are the same. Learning more about Mary Jane seeds will help you choose the right ones for your needs and ensure the crop lives up to your expectations.

Exploring the Different Types of Cannabis Seeds

More than 700 strains of marijuana have been developed at this point. Though it’s virtually impossible to tell their seeds apart on the outside, each one produces buds with distinct flavours, aromas, and effects. In general, though, seeds fall into one of four basic categories: regular, auto-flowering, feminized, and autofem.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds produce photoperiodic plants. After they peek through the soil, the plants look to Mother Nature or indoor growers’ cues to tell them what they need to do. While plants are getting long hours of light and short periods of darkness, they remain in their vegetative states. Once their exposure to light becomes shorter, they transition to the flowering stage. Regular seeds can grow into either male or female plants. 

Autoflowering Weed Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are special varieties of regular seeds. Like all regular seeds, they can be either male or female. Their difference lies in how they transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Though they depend on light like all plants, they make the switch based on their age. They often take less time to flower than plants grown from regular seeds. 

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized seeds hold only female plant DNA. That means they can only grow into female plants. They’re created via genetic manipulation. Breeders basically stress female plants into generating pollen and pollinating themselves. When growers use feminized seeds, they don’t have to worry about determining which members of their crops are male and which are female and removing the males to prevent pollination. Standard feminized seeds produce photoperiodic plants.

Autofem Mary Jane Seeds

Autofem seeds offer the benefits of both auto-flowering and feminized seeds. They only grow into female plants because they have only female DNA. At the same time, they flower based on their age rather than the amount of light and darkness they’re exposed to. This makes them among the fastest-growing options as well as the easiest to deal with.

Finding the Right Mary Jane Seeds for Your Needs

Those are the four basic types of Mary Jane seeds for growers to choose from. Keep in mind that hundreds of strains are available in each category. Because of that, finding the flavours, aromas, and effects you’re looking for shouldn’t be too difficult. Finding the right seeds to match your growing experience and fit in with the time and effort you’re able to put into the process shouldn’t be much of a struggle, either.


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