How to Use a Reloading Kit?

With factory costs rising even further, ammunition is about to get even more expensive. Making your own ammunition can save you money. But before jumping the gun, pun intended, and buying a reloading kit; it is important first to educate yourself on the subject. Here’s how to use a reloading kit:

  • First, clean and check

To stop dirt from scratching the casing and the size dies, clean each case with a soft cloth. Check the case for any flaws including split case mouths, case head separations, excessive bulges, and other case faults that would prevent it from being reloaded properly. Any case that is discovered to be flawed should be discarded.

  • Lubricate the cases

The cases must be lubricated before being placed into a sizer die because of the force required. Lubricate the case’s body by applying lube on the pad. Avoid lubricating the shoulder of your cases as this can result in dents.

  • Install the shell holder

With a little twist, snap a shell holder into the press ram. The cartridge case head will be firmly grasped by the shell holder.

  • Install the sizer die

When the ram is at the top of the press stroke, thread the sizer die into the press until it contacts the shell holder. Raising the press handle will allow you to set the huge lock ring and turn the die down another eighth to quarter turn. Leave a 1/16″ space between the bottom of the carbide sizer die and the shell holder if utilizing one.

  • Insert the case

Slide a case into the shell holder while the press handle is in the up position. Run the case all the way into the sizer die while steadily and gently lowering the press handle to the very bottom. By doing so, the case will be the right size and the fired primer will be forced out of the case. Lift the press handle after that. On bottle-neck cartridges, this will lower the case and widen the case mouth, properly adjusting the case neck diameter to tightly grip the bullet.

  • Size the case

Gently but firmly lower the press handles all the way to the bottom and run the case all the way into the sizer die. Next, raise the press handle this lowers the case and the case mouth (on bottle-neck cartridges), correctly setting the case neck diameter to hold the bullet tightly. Remember to trim the excess.

  • Chamfer and Deburr

Cases that have been trimmed require chamfering and deburring as well.  Deburring Tool’s pointed end should be inserted into the case to remove burrs and chamfer the interior of the case mouth. To remove outside burrs, place the other end over the case mouth.

  • Size the Case’s Mouth

Straight-wall cases must be expanded in a different expander die due to their design. Install the expander die in the press, set a size case in the shell holder, then feed the case through the die. It is necessary to tweak the expander such that the case mouth is just slightly belled outward to accommodate the new bullet.

  • Prime the case

First, spread primers across the tray’s grooved surface. Positioned the primers in the anvil side up by shaking the tray horizontally.  Into the hand priming tool, insert the primer tray.  Squeeze the handle after inserting the case to force the primer in. Verify that the primer is well seated.

  • Set the powder measure

Without weighing each charge individually on a scale, a precise charge may be dispensed. When the flow is established and the powder has settled in the hopper, add the powder to the funnel and dispense multiple charges. For powder measurement adjustments, use your reloading scale.

  • Bullet seating

Several rotations of threading the seater die into the press. Place a case in the shell holder, then run the ram with the case up to the top of the press stroke by lowering the handle. The die body should be turned till it stops. The top of the case mouth is currently being pressed on the crimp shoulder of the die. Raise the crimp shoulder over the case mouth and back the die out one turn. The die lock ring holds the die firmly in place. Your reloaded cartridge is ready for firing.


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