How to Get the Most Out of Your Deep Neck Lift

Did you get a deep neck lift recently and want to get the most out of it? If so, we have some tips for you!

Proper care is essential after plastic surgery to allow your body to heal well and grant the best results. But the question is, how can you make this possible?

We put together a guide on how to get the most out of your deep neck lift while it recovers. Here’s where to start.

Keep Your Head Elevated

Keeping your head elevated is a quick and simple way to boost recovery after a neck lift surgery. You want to do so by lying on your back and elevating your head during sleep.

Many find it the position that puts the least stress on your neck while you recover. And so, you are likely to heal and get results sooner. It also makes you feel better by improving circulation, which reduces swelling.

Use Ice Packs

Most recommend ice packs for different types of plastic surgery, including a neck lift. Applying it around the surgical site can relieve pain, swelling, and bruising.

You want to avoid placing the ice pack directly on your neck. Your skin will be sensitive and tender after the procedure, so putting an ice pack on it could disrupt blood flow.

Wear a Chin Strap

You can consider wearing a chin strap after a neck lift to ensure you don’t make unnecessary movements while you recover. Some find that it also helps reduce swelling.

Note that the length of time you wear it varies with different types of neck lifts. But generally, you want to keep it on for about two weeks after the surgery.

Avoid Hot Water

You might want to avoid using hot water in the area of your surgery to prevent irritation and infection. Some experts also recommend keeping it dry for at least 48 hours for fast healing.

You can gradually get back into showering after a week or when you feel less pain in your neck. Nonetheless, you should gradually get back into it to avoid sudden damage.

Wear Comfy Clothes

Many suggest wearing comfortable clothing until your neck has less pain and swelling. You want to focus on wearing loose clothes that don’t touch or irritate your neck for the first few weeks.

One thing to note is that your surgery heals quicker when you handle it gently and with more care.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun exposure causes the surgical site to swell more and increase bleeding. So, it’s best to avoid direct sun exposure until it heals.

Consider wearing caps that shade your neck or scarves. You can also apply sunscreen about two to three weeks later.

Give Your Body Time

A neck lift surgery can take a while to heal, even with the best board-certified plastic surgeon. So, listen to your body. If it’s still recovering, give yourself more time to rest. Moreover, you want to avoid strenuous physical activity.

Get the Best Deep Neck Lift Results With These Recovery Tips

The best results from a deep neck lift usually come from following the right recovery tips. You want to be sure you focus on improving its recovery. This way, it heals sooner and gives you a better outcome.

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