How to Explain Gaps in Employment

If you’re applying for a job, you may be wondering how to explain gaps in employment. You want to look your best and not leave out any relevant experience.

However, certain periods may come up when you have nothing to put on your resume. If you face this situation during your job search, then it’s time to find a solution.

A gap in employment isn’t necessarily bad, and there are several ways to overcome it. Here are some ways to explain gaps when applying for a job.

Be Honest and Direct

Giving an interviewer detailed information about your unemployment will demonstrate your ability to be open and honest. You can also use the opportunity to explain what you did to stay productive and use the time wisely. Be careful not to make excuses or be overly negative.

Talk about the positive aspects of the experience. Expressing yourself with clarity will also show your interviewer that you are confident and willing to address any uncomfortable topics that come up professionally.

Emphasize Relevant Activities

Focus on what you have done to contribute to your learning and skills-building during the time in which you were unemployed. For example, did you take online courses to stay current in your field? Did you continue to network with professional contacts and attend seminars related to your career aspirations?

These activities demonstrate to hiring managers or potential employers that you were motivated to stay engaged in your field of expertise and their industry. Display a sense of enthusiasm and energy and demonstrate that you are current with the changing dynamics and advancements of your field. 

Address the Gap in Your Cover Letter or Resume

Depending on the circumstances, the gap can be addressed in both a resume and a cover letter. When writing the resume, explain what has been done to make use of the gap in employment. This could include:

  • hobbies
  • volunteer experience
  • education

If you are not sure how to lay this out in your resume, you can get help from CareerHD Winnipeg resume services or any services you’re comfortable with. Professionals offering such services know what to include in resume work gaps.

The gap should also be addressed in the cover letter, providing further detail by briefly summarizing the reasons for the break in employment in a short, direct fashion. Addressing the gap in a forthright manner will show potential employers that the break in employment was not due to laziness or a lack of passion. They will understand that it was instead used as an opportunity for personal growth.

Focus on Your Readiness to Return

Explain the circumstances of your break with an optimistic attitude and a willingness to learn and demonstrate your readiness for a new role. Describe your determination to find new opportunities, research potential employers and role requirements, and actively pursue job openings that match your qualifications. Reassure employers that your gap in employment has not detracted from your enthusiasm and desire to make a positive impact in the workplace.

Learn How to Explain Gaps in Employment

Overall, gaps in employment should be handled in a professional but poised manner. Be confident and explain your gap in a rational and trustworthy way.

Don’t be afraid of gaps in your employment – use them to your advantage. Be prepared to go the extra mile to present yourself positively to a company and stand out from the competition.

Now that you know how to explain gaps in employment, utilize these tips and continue on your road to success!

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