8 Tech Jobs You Need to Consider

Over the next eight years, IT jobs are anticipated to grow by more than 20% in the United States. 

IT jobs encompass a broad range of responsibilities and roles. Not only do these experts help implement new tech in the workplace, but they also do repairs and offer support for maintenance and training. 

If you enjoy working with technology, this can be a fulfilling career path. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common tech jobs you can try! 

1. Web Designer

One of the most exciting tech jobs you can get training for is web designing. 

Both entry-level jobs and advanced positions are available to web designers, which will help you build a strong reputation. Depending on the job, you may work with a team, as an assistant, or independently.

Presentation creation, content development, and weekly newsletters are common duties for this career. Web design tech training can be completed online, which can make excelling your career more realistic. 

If you don’t like working with Adobe Creative Suite or HTML codes, you may want to consider other options. 

2. Manager of Digital Marketing 

You don’t have to run a business or be a celebrity to build an online presence.

If you’ve got a knack for social media and digital marketing, you can help companies represent themselves in the best light. Marketing managers help increase sales and customer loyalty, and they also develop brand awareness. 

Depending on the job, you may create content, maintain social media profiles, and engage with customers. Communication and customer service skills are a must, making this an ideal position for social butterflies. 

3. Web Developer 

Information technology can be complex, which is why so many business owners hire an expert to create their sites.

As a junior or senior web developer, you will create websites with coding and applications. Not only will you create the sites, but you can also provide consultation and further assistance as the company evolves and grows. 

Even if you don’t have much IT training, you can still find clients willing to pay you. Don’t be afraid to create websites to learn how to start coding. If you can work in a fast-paced environment and have a creative mentality, this is the perfect job. 

4. IT Technician

With little education, you can apply for an IT tech role and learn on the job. 

Since many industries use complex and customized programs, the original IT department can best guide you. Although it helps to have an understanding of IT processes, you will pick up on tricks, processing functions, and software testing. 

Most companies require candidates to have an Associate’s Degree in IT, networking, or computer science. If you have a comparable degree, you may still qualify for this job. Most people entering the tech industry work in this role to gain a core understanding. 

5. Quality Assurance Tester

If you enjoy working alone, you can still make a lot of money as a quality assurance tester. 

Both technicians and engineers are needed for this position, so you can gain experience even at the entry-level stages. As a quality tester, you would diagnose problems with software and industry standards on various products. Various industries use quality assurance testers to increase efficiency and find missing money. 

Aside from small businesses and corporations, mobile apps and gaming systems also hire testers. This is a great way to follow a passion that helps you earn an income and avoid burnout. 

6. Security Specialist 

Online hackers are increasingly becoming a threat and businesses have to protect themselves.

As an IT security specialist, you will help companies from various industries protect confidential info and data. Network and server protection will be your main focus, but you can also troubleshoot tech problems. 

You need a thorough understanding of security programs, firewalls, and prevention measures. Check out this homepage for technology training so you feel prepared for the job. It also helps to earn your Bachelor’s Degree or certification to display your knowledge. 

7. Software Engineer

If you’ve punched the numbers and have a natural ability for coding, you could earn a big income by becoming a software engineer.

Software engineers need to earn their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees to qualify for jobs. You must know how to quickly diagnose, resolve, and troubleshoot issues from the backend. Although this is one of the more challenging positions for IT, it comes with an excellent salary of around $100,000 per year. 

The best part about this job is that you can help scale and develop IT infrastructure and implement your plans. You can take control and try things your way once you’ve proven your expertise. 

8. Data Scientist 

A data scientist might not have the most risky or thrilling job, but it pays well and can improve businesses. 

Data scientists follow data trends and predict what will happen to the numbers over some time. These are the people that process company data, like financial records, leads, and sales, and turn them into opportunities. You help business owners understand what’s going on behind the scenes and where money can be saved. 

You can become a data scientist with a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Even if you went to school for business, you can qualify for these positions. 

Which Tech Jobs Intrigue You?

The variety of tech jobs in the United States makes it possible to earn a living wage and still follow your passions.

Whether you enjoy working with numbers, marketing, or on a team, there’s a position that will suit your work style. IT jobs are increasing in new parts of the country, you don’t have to move to Silicon Valley to find success. 

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