7 best marketing tips that will drive more customers to your newly opened salon.

Having one of the best hair salons is just the start. To get customers, you need people to know it exists. For that, marketing your salon in the best manner possible is necessary. Using digital platforms, word-of-mouth, and other marketing ideas to get the right clientele is essential. Otherwise, your business will not be profitable.

A hair salon has amazing hairstyle artists, amongst other people. Their skills are unmatched. Yet, the business suffers. And the reason for this is bad marketing or no marketing at all. Here are a few marketing ideas for your hair salon to ensure you don’t face the same issues.

Ensure your salon is visible on all search result pages.

When people type ‘salon near me’ on Google or Bing, does your name come up? No? Then how will new people and potential customers know about you? You don’t exist for new clients because you don’t appear in search results. It is an efficient marketing practice that you should try before investing in other strategies. You can start with Google. For this, set up an account on Google’s business profile. It is free and easy. Set up a blog to improve your search results, or use tips for optimizing your Google business profile.

Share business cards

Another efficient marketing practice is to share digital business cards. When anyone comes to your salon, offer them a business card. Ask them to share with others, and ensure that if a client comes through them, they will get a discount on the next service. It will encourage them to share your business cards. Moreover, always keep business cards with you. You can meet potential customers anywhere. Sharing cards with them is an efficient and affordable marketing technique.

Work on visual branding

Visuals work better than anything else. Thus, visual branding for your salon is an effective marketing idea. It also becomes the main focus for other marketing strategies, getting you better results. For instance, creating a logo is part of visual branding. A logo helps people associate your brand with the logo. It helps them remember your brand. When using visual branding as a strategy, keep these things in mind:

  • The visual appeal or branding should be uniform everywhere. Social media, email, websites, pamphlets, and everything should have uniform visual branding. For instance, using a logo and the same color scheme.
  • The color scheme you choose should go with the brand’s aesthetic. It should express what your brand is about.
  • The brand’s look and idea should match the mission and goals of your brand.

Have a professional website.

A website for a salon is integral to its success. In the event that you don’t have one, you want to begin one. A website is the first form of contact between a client and the salon. A client will use the website to check out the services you provide, their prices, and more. Also, it lets the customer book an appointment with ease.

The website should be professional. Navigating the website should be easy. Moreover, the booking platform for the website should be exceptional. Refresh your website every few months. Also, post any discounts or special services you are running on the website.

Run holiday promotions offers.

During the holidays, people love to get fresh haircuts or experiment. So it is the perfect time for a salon business to increase its clientele. All you need to do is have promotional offers running on your website. Offer a discount, a one-plus-one combo, or other such offers. It will help get new people interested in your business.

Be active on social media.

Social media is a free platform for you to promote your salon business. A percent of your target audience will be on social media. So, why not use it for your benefit? Strategies that work best on social media are consistent posts, using captions with CTA, using hashtags, and more. Here is a guide on how to use social media for the salon business.

Show off the skilled sets.

When you wait at a salon, you see tons of magazines. Instead of placing them, place a binder. It should include all the cuts and hair services your staff can and has performed. It shows their skill. Truly a great way to satisfy customers and bring them back.

The salon business is highly lucrative and competitive. However, with these tips, you will have a better chance of surviving in the market.

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