Why the Nike Air Max Is More Than Just Your Next Shoe

What started as one man selling shoes has evolved into more than 60 years of Nike’s premium footwear. Phil Knight, the founder of the iconic company, never could have dreamed of the variety of shoes that would emerge from his single, functional running shoe.

Now, Nike makes more than 15 lines of shoes for everything from basketball hightops to lifestyle sneakers.

One of their most classic lines of shoes is Nike Air Max. The Nike Air Max is the perfect combination of fashion, and function, and makes a great foundation for your unique style.

To learn more about Nike Air Max shoes and why they’re the next addition to your wardrobe, read on!

Global Design

The first pair of Nike Air Max Plus shoes was designed after a visit to France. The Pompidou Center in Paris has a high-tech, open design, with lots of windows and futuristic infrastructure.

This style is exactly what Nike had in mind with the first pair of Air Max shoes. The small window in the heel is an homage to the building!

A Fearless Generation

Nike supports several up-and-comers in the art and design world, to show how their style reflects the shoe’s values. For example, Nike features Shema Love, a healer, and an art dealer, who uses her studio to elevate minorities in the art world.

Other creators bring their imagination to life with 3D animation, fashion, and classes for at-risk youth. Supporting Nike Air Max shoes means supporting these artists, and making way for the next generation of creators.

A Range of Styles

Whether you’re looking for Nike Air Max women’s or men’s shoes, you can find the perfect style for you. This collection features the freshest styles of shoes like the Nike Air Max 270 and the variation, the Nike Air Max 270 React.

Nike’s mission statement is to have its designs expand human potential in any way possible. In the spirit of this mission, they designed the Nike Airs with a pressurized sole. The sole provides a tough, but responsive sole, with pockets of air that improve elasticity and lessen the impact.

There are variations that can be used for running, basketball, and any other sport. There are other styles that are exclusively lifestyle sneakers. The shoes can go from the marathon course to a night out effortlessly allowing you to walk on air whether you’re heading for the finish line or the bar.

It’s for this reason that the Nike Air Max is considered more than a sports shoe, it’s a fashion statement, and a platform for building your personal style.

Pick Your First Pair of Nike Air Max Shoes Today

Hopefully, this article will have given you a good outline of the reasons why the Nike Air Max is the next addition to your wardrobe. They’re functional, fashionable, and support a good cause. Complete your look, and pick up your favorite pair today!

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