Why Is Professional Shredding Essential for Your Business?

Protecting the privacy of your business’s confidential information is crucial. Unless your company already went paperless, you may have many unwanted paper documents on your premises. And any documents containing your bank account details, payroll records, customer lists, and other sensitive information are vulnerable to many risks. 

In Canada, a firm’s average cost of a data breach incident is $6.75 million. Whether you’re storing digital or paper documents, the exposure of sensitive records can be a massive loss in your business. Before you dispose of any business documents you no longer need, ensure that you have a proper document retention and destruction policy in place. 

Shredding is one of the most efficient ways to destroy sensitive documents securely. While you can use an office paper shredder, it may not provide sufficient privacy protection for documents your business needs to dispose of. 

A reliable Mississauga shredding company in Canada shares, why professional shredding is essential for your business. 

Ensures Better Security

It’s impossible to maintain a hundred percent confidentiality using an office shredder, no matter how you try. The documents might be mismanaged, leaving your business’s sensitive information in a data breach.

Though, some companies implement a paperless environment and go with a more secure application that protects confidential documents through encrypted methods while exchanging information. The usage of an online faxing application ensuring your fax is HIPAA compliant and no leak of personal information is being sent out. You need to check cloud faxing for regulated industries from the website

But, unlike using an office shredder, a professional shredding company limits the people who have access to your paper documents and ensures no authorized person can pry through them. They have staff who are fully equipped for the security and confidentiality of your documents.

Consumes Less Time

An office shredder operates slowly and can only take a few pages of paper every pass. It will take a lot of time for your employees to destroy the paper records on a regular shredding machine. While internally shredding your documents seems like an inexpensive option, it’s inefficient and not secure. 

Meanwhile, your company can save precious time usually spent on disposing of documents with a professional shredding machine as it can do the job in almost no time. Instead of shredding the documents, your employees can be more productive and focus on tasks that could generate more revenue for your business. 

Guarantees Compliance

Your company is responsible for protecting employees’ and customers’ personal and sensitive information under your control. Depending on the type of your business, there might be specific practices and guidelines you need to follow when getting rid of or shredding such documents. 

A professional shredding service will guarantee compliance with the law as they can provide you with a certificate of destruction. It’s a formal document containing detailed information about your paper documents’ destruction. Such proof of compliance can help protect your business if legal action or an audit occurs. 

Secure Your Company With Professional Shredding

While it’s tempting to shred any unnecessary documents in-house and dispose of them in the trash, your business can face legal ramifications. 

Paper documents are not going anywhere and can accumulate on your premises, making establishing secure shredding practices in your company essential. If you want to ensure the highest security possible for your business’s documents, don’t hesitate to invest in professional shredding services. 

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