What You Can Do to Speed up Your Car Accident Claim

It may take so long to settle an insurance claim if the insurance company lacks the documentation to handle the claim or because of processing delays. Remember these tips to speed up your insurance claim, so you don’t have to wait so long for payment.

Report the Claim Straightaway

Many motorists commit an error when they fail to disclose their claims quickly. Immediate notification is required if anything occurs that will implicate the insurance company. First and foremost, it is illegal to flee the scene of an accident. Even if it is a minor accident where you are the only one involved, you should contact them immediately. This helps facilitate the examination of the claim because the information is current. If they have any questions, it becomes easier for them to obtain the necessary information while the accident is still recent.

Tell the Truth

When filing a claim, you may hesitate to provide the insurance company with complete details. If you caused the accident, you want to shift most of the fault to others. While you may think that this may save you cash on premiums, it is advisable, to tell the truth. The punishment for insurance fraud is far more severe than any premium savings. The truth will often be revealed with all the current tech, particularly cameras at nearly every crossing. The process will take longer than necessary if they must investigate the allegation.

Keep Clear Records

One of the causes of delayed insurance claims is due to your claim file missing components. When you transmit proof to the insurance provider, save a copy for your own records. Thus, if the insurance agent claims missing documentation, you may quickly retrieve and resend it. Keep a timeline of deadlines and correspondence periods to follow the status of your claim. Remember when items are due to your insurance provider since you may frequently encounter deadlines for providing the necessary paperwork. Keep track of the dates the insurance adjuster informs you certain events will occur. Take note of this timeline if they advise you to await a form in the mailbox within some business days. If the form is not delivered by the tenth day, contact the adjuster to ensure the claim has not been delayed.

Consult a Physician for an Examination

Even if you do not believe you are injured after an accident, you must get checked out by a doctor. Accidents can often result in delayed onset injury, meaning you could be injured but not know it for days or weeks.

Medical evaluations provide vital proof to insurance providers and increase the likelihood that your claim will be processed promptly. Be ready to use your medical records as proof in your claim.

Consult with a Lawyer

When attempting to fix your car and heal from your injuries, keeping track of the paperwork, filing dates, and documentation you must provide can be challenging. A car accident lawyer is required for you to get safely to the bottom of a lawsuit. They will be able to assume responsibility for monitoring the status of your claim and providing any relevant paperwork or proof.

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