What To Expect From An International Baccalaureate Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) is an advanced level two-year pre-university educational program curated for students between the age of 16 to 19 as a stepping stone for entering top colleges after completing high school.

The IB Diploma course is designed by the International Baccalaureate, an overarching organization in charge of administering various educational programs for school students. The course is widely known for its rigorous curriculum and its international-level recognition as a qualified pre-university course.

If you’re someone who’s looking forward to enrolling in the IB Diploma course, here are certain facts about the program that you should be aware of.

Course Structure

After completing the extensive 2-year IB Diploma Program, the students take the final exam in the month of May. 6 subject groups are offered in the course and students are to select 1 course from each group, i.e., 6 courses in total.

The 6 groups in order are Language and Literature Studies, Language Acquisition, Social Sciences, and Individuals, Science, Mathematics, and Arts.

The students can select 1 course from each subject group, or select 1 course each from the 5 technical groups and 1 substitute from any of the first 4 groups. This gives the students the leverage to not choose any from the Arts group.

The students can take up to 4 subjects at the Higher Level (HL); the rest can be taken at Standard Level (SL). The levels don’t differ much in the syllabus, but mostly in terms of skill sets and level of understanding.

Each course is tested in the form of a final exam, with a 1-7 grading scale. 4 is considered a passing grade, while 7 is the highest there is.

The Core

To earn a diploma, you’ll also need to complete “The Core” consisting of 3 test areas:

1. TOK- Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is more of a philosophical presentation of how much real-world knowledge you have on the topic that you’ve chosen as the core subject. The TOK involves writing a 1600-word commentary, along with a live presentation, to demonstrate your understanding of the subject in question.

2. EE- Extended Essay (EE) is an approximately 4000 words essay on a topic of your choice. Your chosen topic needs to be approved by the IB. You should choose a topic you have profound knowledge of since this essay is an important part of the course and you’ll need to write a lengthy discussion on it.

If you need help regarding the extended essay, you can hire an ib writing service for an immaculate essay. Remember to choose a topic you’re interested in, considering how much time you’ll need to spend on such a broad discussion.

3. CAS- Then you’ll be graded on a project having 3 components: Creativity, Activity, and Service. Creativity can mean any extracurricular that is defined by the virtue of its artistry – sculpture, art, story writing, etc. As long as you can prove in your report that your chosen extracurricular is a creative one, you’re good to go!

The activity component includes any extracurricular that requires sporting energy. You can either take part in your school sports teams, sign up for some kind of outdoor activity, or even choose to participate in yoga classes to fulfill this criterion. 

The service component includes all kinds of social services that can be considered a part of this extracurricular- you can volunteer in charity drives, gift drives, and local community services to get a good grade.


Remember, only an IBDP won’t guarantee you a seat in your dream university. To get admission to any Ivy League College, you’ll have to have an excellent score in your regular high-school assessments. However, an IBDP can make you stand out among your peers in the selection process.

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